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Five reasons why This Time with Alan Partridge series 2 is very unlikely - what next for Steve Coogan?

This Time with Alan Partridge was wrapped up on Monday night (April 1st) as the hilarious BBC series came to a close.

Following six episodes of laugh out loud jokes, tongue in cheek digs and painfully awkward banter, Alan signed off from the fictional BBC TV in style.

And by in style, we mean disaster.

Here are five reasons why Realiy Titbit believe a This Time with Alan Partridge series 2 is unlikely to happen.

Alan Partridge (STEVE COOGAN) – (C) BBC Studios – Photographer: Andy Seymour

It looked like Alan was about to face the sack

The end of This Time with Alan Partridge hinted that Al was about to face the sack.

Episode 6 saw the famous TV broadcaster rope in sidekick Simon Denton as his temporary co-host having annoyed regular presenter Jennie Gresham (Susannah Fielding) to the point that she stormed off set.

This Time closed with Alan called into a meeting with Jennie and the executive producers who “didn’t look happy”.

Having got the job on the show as a stand-in due to John Baskell’s death, it would make sense that Alan now leaves the show at the end of the series.

Why risk perfection?

This Time with Alan Partridge is being hailed as modern comedy masterpiece, scoring 8.3/10 on IMDB and 73% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Each episode racked up around two million live viewers and it would seem unlikely that Steve Coogan would risk the hard work from series 1 with a follow-up season.

Screenshot: This Time with Alan Partridge 2019

Screenshot: This Time with Alan Partridge 2019

Steve Coogan looks best in sporadic fashion

Over the past few years, Steve Coogan has steered his Alan Partridge character away from repetitive series.

In 2012, he released one-off fictional documentary Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life before releasing Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle in 2016.

Now 53 years old, Steve is probably beyond the days of long filming period, particularly when the scripts to his series are meticulously written and stressfully tinkered with throughout.

Is the content really there?

Susannah, who plays co-host Jennie, told the RadioTimes that there is plenty more content to explore with This Time.

She said:

These magazine shows are on every day. There’s always the brilliant juxtaposition of really relevant topical stuff and then complete inane random crap… and there are endless amounts of that; there are all sorts of topical things that we could do in a second series.

However, we beg to differ and feel it would be difficult to replicate the same success from series 1.

Segments such as Alan’s live interaction with on-site reporter Ruth Duggan and the terrible social media analysis from Simon Denton were hilarious for six episodes.

Not for another six in 2020.

What seems more likely, is a three-to-five year gap before another This Time with Alan Partridge series. This is how Al’s first-ever series on the BBC played out, airing in 1997 and 2002.

This Time with Alan Partridge – Ruth Duggan – Baby Cow – Photographer: Colin Hutton

Either way – there will be more from Alan Partridge

What we can guarantee is that Steve Coogan will be back as Alan Partridge in the near future.

This Time proved that both Alan’s humour can adapt to the modern era and that his classic sniggle-jerkers with tomfoolery pronunciation and awkward banter isn’t stale just yet.

Roll on Alan Partridge taking on something new in 2020!



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