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Five Star Hotel: - Charlotte Dawson

Five Star Hotel: Charlotte Dawson starts a new CATCHPHRASE with her apology

MTV Ex On The Beach star Charlotte Dawson has started a new catchphrase after her unusual approach to making an apology.

The loud and laddish reality TV star had plenty to say at the Five Star Hotel breakfast, having rolled up late due to her birthday celebrations the previous night.

This is how NOT to make apology…

The Borenator

New boy and former The Apprentice contestant James Hill was left bitterly disappointed after Charlotte proved a no-show at the breakfast service.

At least he had a cool anecdote to summarise the whole thing…

James said: “Wild? I don’t care if Bear Grylls turns up to Charlotte’s birthday party, she should be here.”

Screen Shot: JAMES HILL – Five Star Hotel, E4

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Cappuccino Conundrum

Clearly, James had never endured a summer season working in a crappy barista having noted down every breakfast item in full.

Literally, he spelled out cappuccino instead of writing a squiggly C to save time.

The stupid idiot!

Screen Shot: JAMES HILL – Five Star Hotel, E4

Lengthy Lattes

The businessman and entrepreneur left guests fuming following a hefty delay in service.

This Blue-shirted guest said: “I was waiting far too long for breakfast this morning, I was absolutely fuming.”

Screen Shot: FUMING – Five Star Hotel, E4

But, in the nick of time – AKA the sort of timing that suggests the show is scripted – Charlotte turned up to save the day.

Screen Shot: CHARLOTTE – Five Star Hotel, E4

Charlotte said: “See James, the guests still love me. There’s some things they just don’t teach at business school, like having a personality.”

Americano Apologies

Chazza wasn’t able to jump behind the bar and continue her work, however, with James ordering her to make a public apology to the entire hotel.

James paraded Charlotte to the centre of the restaurant where she was all set to make her grand apology.

Will this do?

Charlotte said: “I am genuinely sorry, from the bottom of my tits”

Screen Shot: CHARLOTTE – Five Star Hotel, E4

Despite Chazza’s sass, it was James who had the final say, adding “guys, that is a genuine apology, because there’s a long way to the bottom of Charlotte’s tits.”

The final two episodes of Five Star Hotel air this Thursday and Friday (30th March 2018), on E4 at 10 pm.

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