Five Star Hotel: Spencer Matthews fractures ribs in scooter accident - Lydia busy drawing genitals

During episodes three and four of new E4 series Five Star Hotel, we witnessed Spencer Matthews hobbling around the hotel a little gingerly.

The Made in Chelsea megastar was wearing that sort of face you sport moments after stubbing your toe.

What was wrong with him?

Surely, it couldn’t have been anything to do with crashing a 50cc scooter while driving around the beautiful Greek island of Ios.

That wouldn’t be very cool at all…

‘Spenny’, as Spencer is now known on Five Star Hotel, sat down for a catchup with fellow co-star and former TOWIE personality Lydia Bright, to discuss his motorbike incident.

Naturally, however, this was marred by the distracting images plastered all over Lydia’s notebook.

She was supposed to be taking notes about how to run the hotel in Spence’s absence but was instead staring at this thing…

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel – E4

Screen Shot: HOLLY laughs -Five Star Hotel – E4

She even had the audacity to blame the monstrosity on Holly Hagan.

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel – E4

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel – E4

Lydia probed about the incident saying she was “really concerned”, as Spence explained that he had fractured three ribs when coming off his bike.

Spenny said: “I went a bit hard into a corner, and like tilted the bike a bit too much, and there must’ve been sand or something and the bike just went, bang.”

Screen Shot: SPENCER – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: SPENCER – Five Star Hotel, E4

For someone as cool as Spencer Matthews, though, we really hope no-one was there to witness his sliding crash.

In fact, yes we do.

Spencer confirmed that he would be back in action for the Five Star Hotel team soon, although doctors advised that he had the day off (episode four).

Lydia added: “You take all the time you need Spencer.”

Lydia was left to take on the head role around Five Star Hotel, managing fellow celeb workers Holly Hagan (Geordie Shore), Ashley Cain (MTV ex on the beach) and Joey Essex (TOWIE) as they welcomed a hen doo to the island.

Following the obscene drawing incident, however, Spencer did not have high hopes for Lydia.

Screen Shot: SPENCER – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: SPENCER – Five Star Hotel, E4

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