Five Star Hotel: Twitter RAGES at “arrogant” Ashley Cain - Who even is he?

Five Star Hotel contestant Ashley Cain has been causing a stir on social media.

His arrogant and self-absorbed personality has not been taken with kindness, following two episodes of unsavoury behaviour.

Yep, you’re about to meet the world’s most arrogant semi-professional footballer . . .

Ash, who made a name for himself on MTV show Ex On The Beach and through a handful of games for Coventry City in 2009, is one of the more obscure reality TV personalities to wind up on E4.

Five Star Hotel features Lydia Bright and Joey Essex (TOWIE), Spencer Matthews (MIC), Holly Hagan (Geordie Shore) and Ash, as the team run a luxurious Greek hotel for five weeks.

For Ash, however, his duties have been to call a guest fat, sleep with another arrival, and genuinely spend each 45-minute episode talking about himself.

Screen Shot: SPENCER MATTHEWS slates Ash – Five Star Hotel, E4

In episode one, Ash caused an outrage on Twitter after the drunken 27-year-old told one of the guests that she was”definitely the fattest girl there”.

He randomly decided to come out with it while everyone was at dinner . . .

Having also brought a different guest back to his room that night, it was all up to Ash to smooth things over the next day.

He didn’t do that. He didn’t do that at all.

After not turning up for his breakfast duties, Ash kindly decided to put all the guests in the awkward situation of asking whether they liked him or not . . .

Screen Shot: ASH – Five Star Hotel, E4

Taking the beach party into a sombre mood and totally killing any party vibes, Ash continued with a weird rant about how some people judge him before they meet him.

Dude, no-one knew who you were when they turned up to Five Star Hotel!

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Even Spencer Matthews was starting to feel the sick crawl up his throat thanks to Ashley’s longwinded speech about himself.

Spence eventually walked away from the convo!

Screen Shot: SPENCER MATTHEWS – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: SPENCER MATTHEWS – Five Star Hotel, E4

Later in the episode, Ash ramped-up his intolerable personality when talking to his fling, Georgie, about the night before.

Georgie admitted how she “liked” Ash and “doesn’t usually do that sort of thing”, before big man Ash interjected with this, referring to the fact that Georgie had managed to bed him . . .

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Wow. This guy, right.

Later in the show and Georgie was forced to sit and watch as her man flirted with another guest on a sofa, about four metres away from her.

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Ashley’s antics continued long into the night as he upped his flirt game with the wrong guest.

A far from amused Georgie said:

“Ashley and Chloe dancing together and, like, rubbing it in my face.”

Georgie confronted Ash about the situation later that evening, although Ash could only turn the conversation into a chat about himself.


Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Oh Ash, Twitter does not like you, son.

Five Star Hotel airs every weeknight on E4, at 10 pm.

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