Supershoppers is back on our screens giving viewers insider information about how to save cash on the high street.

In episode 2, presenting duo Sabrina Grant and Kate Quilton investigated health store chain Holland and Barrett to find out where shoppers can be saving precious pennies.

Here are five things the Channel 4 team exposed about Holland and Barrett!

Sabrina on Channel 4’s Supershoppers

Supplement spending

In a previous episode about the high street health chain, Supershoppers suggested that customers are over-paying for supplements from the specialist shop.

The show revealed that at Holland and Barrett 100 Omega 3 fish oil capsules cost £10.99, yet a tub of 90 supplements cost just £3.50 at ASDA.

Containing identical ingredients, the show concluded that the health food shop was overcharging customers for basic supplements.

Kate Quilton on Channel 4’s Supershoppers

Snack attack

Supplements weren’t the only thing that the Supershoppers suggested Holland and Barrett was overcharging customers for.

The team also pointed out a range of basic healthy snacks with sky-high prices such as chia seeds and dried apricots.

The show found that the low-calorie foods were available for a lot lower prices lots of major supermarkets, as well as basics such as vitamin C tablets.

Sabrina on Channel 4’s Supershoppers

Double dosing

The presenters also found that the chain was raking in extra money by recommending more dosages than what is actually needed.

In the investigation, it was revealed that H&B advise taking three times as many Omega-3 fish oils,  three times as much Evening Primrose Oil and twice as many B Vitamins, per day as leading supermarkets.

Although not harmful to your health to take more supplements than recommended, this can mean spending a lot more than is actually needed to achieve the desired effects.

How can I watch Supershoppers?

Supershoppers is currently showing Monday nights on Channel 4 at 8 pm.

However, if you would rather watch online you can stream using SkyGO via your laptop.

But don’t worry, if you miss the live show, you can catch via the All4 player online.


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