Five things you need to know Hunted 2019 star Matt Mason!

He may be incredibly cocky and perhaps a little arrogant too, but there’s a reason why Matt is the favourite to win Hunted 2019.

With one episode left in Channel 4’s Hunted 2019 season, Royal Marine Matt Mason was always the front-runner to evade capture.

Here is everything you need to know about the odds-on favourite!

Left to right: – Nick, Matt, Jess, Ismail, Nathanael, Frank, Emma, Harry, Loren and Paul

Matt Served in the Marines

Matt boasts some serious stealth and survival skills having served in the Royal Marines as a team leader since 2008 alongside three tours in Afghanistan.

According to his LinkedIn account, Matt says that he has spent years “leading teams in high-risk environments, often under the difficult and reactive circumstance.”

No wonder he’s smashing Hunted 2019!

He’s Rowing Across the Ocean!

If the Hunters let Matt find his way into a canoe, they’re going to be royally f**ked.

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Matt is more than just a keen rowing enthusiast and has a planned expedition with four other Royal Marines in 2020.

Raising money for The Royal Marines Charity and Plastic Oceans UK, Matt will row across the entire stretch of the Atlantic Ocean.

Zoe Spinner with HQ Hunters

Matt is 29 years old

Matt hails from North Devon and is 29 years old.

He is also recently married and has a nine-month-old baby.

He’s a World Record Holder

In aid of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, Matt broke a rowing world record in 2014.

He and six others rowed 2,598 miles from Canaria to Barbados.

Hunted 4 – Fugitive Specials – Matt

Matt Has a Degree

While part of the marines, Matt also studied International Studies.

He gained his BA (Hons) in the field from The Open University in 2019.

You can follow Matt on Instagram under @matt.mason13, although his account is currently set to private.



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