The Only Way is Essex has kicked off for another season.

The twenty-fourth series of the show has not been without its dramas with Chloe Sims making a shock revelation in episode 2.

Since viewers first laid eyes upon Chloe Sims and Diags’ friendly yet flirty relationship, questions have been asked as to whether they’d ever be more than friends.

Here are five brutal times where Diags was friend-zoned by Chloe Sims…

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Chloe Sims and Diags’ relationship

Since the early 2010’s Chloe Sims and Diags have had one of the most adorable on-screen relationships.

The pair have had viewers wishing for a romantic spark to ignite between the pair every season.

But after the events in series 17, it looks as though Chloe and Diags becoming an item is completely off the cards.

Chloe and Diags in series 7

Throw it right back to TOWIE series 7 episode 7, and Chloe wants to take up DJ-ing.

Chloe sits down for a chat with Lauren Pope and James ‘Diags’ Bennewith and mentions that her DJ teacher, Darrell, is “good looking” and has “really nice hands”.

She said: “He’s a really nice guy and he does really nice little things. Like when I turn up for DJ-ing he knows that I like tea. Since the first time I said it, he gets me a tea with milk and no sugar every time I go.”

Diags replies: “I ain’t jealous or anything”.
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Diags tried to date other people

During series 16 Diags was set up on a date by his BFF Dan Edgar. Diags bagged a date with Kady McDermott’s bestie, Jodie Charles.

His date was crashed by his three best friends Lauren Pope, Dan and Chloe Sims and they weren’t interested in leaving.

Diags did his best to impress Jodie but he said there wasn’t a spark there.

Maybe Diags just feels the chemistry between himself and Chloe…

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Chloe and Diags on Twitter

With an adorable snap of the pair messing around with strawberries and cream it seems that Chloe and Diags do cross over some boundaries of being friends and being flirty.

Chloe wished her BFF a happy birthday on Twitter and made sure to call him her “favourite human” and “favourite boy”.

Diags makes Chloe feel sick

In an old school episode of TOWIE Chloe and Diags hit the spa together.

As if Diags hadn’t experienced enough mixed messages from Ms Sims, she made a joke about him licking the chocolate face mask off her face.

Chloe said: “Would you lick it off my face?”

Diags said he would, then Chloe added: “And then what?”

She then joked: “You’re actually making me feel a bit sick.”

Chloe Sims’ shock announcement

In TOWIE series 24 episode 2, Chloe sat down with Diags to talk about someone she has feelings for.

While viewers watched on in suspense thinking that Chloe could admit she has the feels for Diags, she then explained how she felt about Dan Edgar.

Chloe admitted that she and Dan had always had a flirty relationship.

Diags said: “I thought it was just banter?”

Chloe replied: “It weren’t banter.”

Things got emotional between Diags and Chloe as they both opened up about their concerns of Chloe getting into a relationship with Dan.

Diags said he understands how Chloe’s family would worry about her and Dan becoming a couple.

The Only Way Is Essex: SR24: Ep2 on ITVBe

The Only Way Is Essex: SR24: Ep2 on ITVBe
Pictured: Chloe S.


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