Brand new Channel 4 series Flirty Dancing launched on Thursday night (January 10th), proving to everyone in the U.K that there are still endless varieties of dating to explore – lucky us!

In this modern and quirky version of dating, two strangers are taught identical dance routines before meeting up for a grand finale dance to see if there is any ‘chemistry’.

It wasn’t just the jazzy routines that caught the attention of viewers, however, with a beautifully scenic end shot on top of what looked like a rooftop. So, where is Flirty Dancing filmed?


Flirty Dancing: Location

The location for Flirty Dancing changes each episode, with host Ashley Banjo touring the U.K not only to teach random singles how to dance but to find fairytale locations, too.

Executive producer Deborah Sargeant said:

We recorded at train stations, art galleries, bandstands, bars and rooftops – even a submarine could work for the right pairing.

Flirty Dancing: Episode 2 - Stephanie and Baz
Flirty Dancing: Episode 2 – Stephanie and Baz

Each location needed a unique atmosphere and scale, something our series director and DoPs relished. They rolled the toys off the truck and tinkered with lighting, staging and art direction until each of scene was picture perfect.

Flirty Dancing: Episode 1

Episode 1 of the new series featured James and Hannah alongside Sam and Dan.

Fans on Twitter were particularly mesmerised by James and Hannah’s final dance, which took place with an exquisitely picturesque city in the backdrop.

The city was Bristol, with filming taking place at from the Clifton Observatory rooftop.

You can visit the observatory, along with Clifton suspension bridge, throughout the year.

A particular highlight is the annual Bristol Balloon Festival (Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th August 2019) where the observatory captures the ascent of 150 hot-air balloons in magical fashion.

Hannah and James dancing
Hannah and James dancing
Screen Shot: Clifton Observatory
Screen Shot: Clifton Observatory

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There are five episodes in total, with future locations including Newcastle and London.


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