Flirty Dancing series 1 was a fresh take on dating shows.

Instead of the regular dinner date or classic show where celebrities take part, it is a down-to-earth dating show where real people do their best to find love through their passion for dance.

Ashley Banjo and a whole host of Diversity members see the routine practice through.

You’d think the singletons couldn’t go wrong with that level of teaching but with nerves and first-date jitters to keep in check you see the daters really face their fears.

For anyone who watched the dating and dancing show Flirty Dancing, here’s everything you need to know about series 2…

Flirty Dancing: Episode 2 - Stephanie and Baz

Flirty Dancing: Episode 2 – Stephanie and Baz

Will there be a Series 2?

Flirty Dancing series 1 kicked off from January 10th 2019.

There is no current news on whether the show will be back for a second series but judging by the Twitter reaction, the UK public loved it.

When Will Series 2 Start?

If the show is returning for series 2 then we would estimate that it would start around the same time as series 1, in January of 2020.

For series 1, Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment at Channel 4, Sarah Lazenby said: “We are delighted that Ashley Banjo is coming to Channel 4 with this warm and charming series that sees couples brought together through the art of dance.”

Let’s hope he’s back for season 2!

Ashley Banjo

What Channel is Flirty Dancing on?

Flirty Dancing aired every Thursday evening on Channel 4.

The show started at 10 pm and finished at 11 pm.

We would expect series 2 to continue on the same channel and air in the same time slot.

Dan and Luke dancing

How to Catch Up with Series 1

If you’ve missed any episodes of Flirty Dancing series 1 then head over to Channel 4’s catch up website – ALL4 and get up to speed with what everyone is larking on about in the office!

Episodes 1-5 are on the website and are free to watch.

If you fancy applying for Flirty Dancing series 2 email [email protected] and stay up to date with everything from the show with its Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Flirty Dancing: Episode 3 – Zoe and Andy dancing



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