Flirty Dancing: Which season 2 couples are still together today?

Revolutionising TV dating shows for a second time around, Flirty Dancing is back for series 2.

A world away from your average first date, the Channel 4 show sets up potential partners in a way that’s never been seen before. Ashley Banjo plays cupid while his Diversity dance crew are on-hand to help teach the datees some dance moves.

Flirty Dancing sees singletons from all over the UK come together to perform one half of a dance routine. Without speaking, the couples have to carry out the moves they’ve learned and decide whether they felt enough sparks fly to see them go on a second ‘proper’ date.

So, let’s meet the Flirty Dancing couples from season 2. How many stayed together?

Flirty Dancing couples season 2 Pictured: Kerry and Jordan

Kerry and Jordan

Episode 1 of Flirty Dancing introduces us to singer/songwriter Jordan and 24-year-old Kerry.

The pair aced their dance routine and went for a second date, but it doesn’t look like they’re still together from social media.

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You can follow Jordan on Instagram here where he uses the handle @jmrichardsmusic and has over 1,300 followers. Follow on Instagram @kerrylouiseh.

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Flirty Dancing couples season 2: Nife and Shaun

Episode 1 dancer Nife had an upper hand as she’s part of dance crew Chop Daily Collective.

Nife (@itsjustnife) was paired with Civil Engineer Shaun and although they couldn’t talk to one another, Shaun said that he could feel passion in their dance.

The pair went for a drink afterwards and looked to hit it off. However, they’re another couple who aren’t going public on social media. They could be an item but they’re not posting any photos together at the moment! Follow Shaun on Insta – @shaundv.

Garry and Ryan

Garry and Ryan had viewers in tears with their emotional dance.

The couple looked to really get on well. They haven’t posted anything to social media as a couple, but they are the only ones who have posted photos including each other – so there could be hope!

Follow Garry on Insta @garryc0nn0r and Ryan @ryan_walklett.

Emmerson and Ruby

Episode 2 saw Army lad Emmerson and Nanny Ruby rehearse and perform their dance.

Emmerson and Ruby looked as if they had loads in common but as with a lot of the Flirty Dancing couples, although their dance went well, it wasn’t love.

It appears that Ruby is still single on Instagram (@rubygracelilly) while Emmerson (@ehw_ood) seems to have moved on and looks happier than ever with his girlfriend!

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Flirty Dancing couples season 2: Nigel and Emma

Avid boxer Nigel and PE Teacher Emma first meet during episode 3 of Flirty Dancing.

They were both looking to settle down and start families pretty much as soon as possible and shared a love for living by the sea with Emma in Brighton and Nigel in Bournemouth.

Emma is on Instagram with around 500 followers @emmasatterly however, there’s no sign of Nigel on there.

Toby and Courtney

Flirty Dancing episode 3 also sees Toby and Courtney matched by Ashley Banjo.

Both Flirty Dancers took to Instagram to share the fact they had taken part in the Channel 4 show, however it doesn’t seem they’ve posted anything as a couple.

Toby is on Insta as @tobyingle while Courtney can be found @courtneymboyle.



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