BBC series Flog It boasts a long line of antique experts who flirt in and out of the show day by day at 4:30 pm.

Yet few faces are as familiar or favoured as that of Michael Baggott, the self-proclaimed antique expert with an unquenching thirst for all things silver and shiny.

Here is everything you need to know about MB from age to career and even social media handles.

Programme Name: Flog It! - Picture Shows:  Paul Martin

Programme Name: Flog It! – Picture Shows: Paul Martin

Who is Michael Baggott?

Flog It star MB is thought to be around 45 years old.

He has been part of the TV series for over 15 years having first made his appearance in season 12, 2004. You can follow Michael on Twitter under @baggottsilver, where he flaunts everything silver from spoons to tankards.

When not filming with the BBC, Michael is the owner of his own antique store and is also an author in expert works on silver, having written An Illustrated Guide to York Hallmarks 1776-1858 among other titles.

Michael is also thought to have something of a friendly rivalry with BBC series Antique Roadshow, often tweeting about the show to poke fun.

Flog It vs Antiques Roadshow… now there’s a series we’d be keen to see.

How Michael became the go-to Silver guy

If silver is the name of the game then Michael Baggott is the man for the job.

Although little is known about his early years it’s believed that the BBC expert fell in love with antique silver when in high school.

Pop around to his house for a showcase of antiques and Michael will undoubtedly lead you to his first-ever investment; a Chester silver Vesta case which he bought for £22.50 while still a schoolboy.

Is Michael Baggott married?


While it is largely speculated that Michael is married there has never been any valid confirmation. Likewise, we can debunk the social media speculation surrounding Michael and fellow Flog It specialist Elizabeth Talbot.

Elizabeth is married to another Michael, with some people assuming it was Michael Baggott.

Flog It: The £30,000 sale

One of Michael’s most profitable items came in a 2013 episode of Flog It.

The silver expert laid his hand on what he thought was a collection of African tribal art that was found at the bottom of a cupboard from a woman in Scunthorpe.

However, the ornaments were soon discovered as rare Aboriginal art and were sold to the Sydney Museum of Primitive Art for £30,000.