Gabby Allen height and weight - Celebrity Big Brother body goals!

Gabby Allen has been whipping the Celebrity Big Brother housemates into shape, running fitness classes in the garden almost every day.

The fitness enthusiast has her own app called Shape Up, which you can download from the Apple Play Store.

So why is Gabby in such tremendous shape? How tall is she? What is her weight?

Gabby Allen the Personal Trainer

Although Gabby is famous for her stint in Love Island series 3 – where she and now ex-boyfriend Marcel Somerville came in fourth place – she is also a fully qualified personal trainer.

Alongside her background as a professional dancer, Gabby has managed to leverage her fame towards the health and fitness industry.

Gabby has appeared in Woman’s Health magazine and is the face of online fitness company Fiit, where you receive workout videos direct to your iOS for £20 per month.

Maybe just record all of the Celebrity Big Brother episodes and save yourself some pennies, eh?

Gabby Allen Age

Now that Chloe Ayling has been voted out from Celebrity Big Brother, Gabby is one of the youngest contestants left.

She is 26 years old and was 25 when in the Love Island villa.


Gabby Allen Height

Gabby opened up about her height struggles, explaining how she never got into modelling because she was ‘on the short side’.

She is 5ft 2 (1.57 m).

It’s no wonder she looks so small next to Dan Osborne, who is a massive 6ft 2!

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Dan, Roxanne and Ryan.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Gabby.

Gabby Allen Weight

Although we can not confirm Gabby’s exact weight, she is likely to weigh around 55 kg (8.6 stone) while in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

She has previously admitted to weighing lighter but recently put on natural weight – including muscle mass – which was one of the reasons she decided against a boob job.

That healthy glow…



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