Naked and Afraid XL: Twitter reacts to Gary tapping out of the Discovery show

Gary Golding first appeared on survival show Naked and Afraid XL in 2018. He returned for the 2021 season but didn’t manage to make it to the very end. Let’s take a look at Gary’s Naked and Afraid journey…

Naked and Afraid XL season 7 kicked off on April 25th, 2021. Filmed in Louisiana, USA, the Discovery show sees a group of people tasked with surviving in the swamps for 60 whole days. The contestants have to hunt for their own food and, as the title suggests, do the whole thing naked – what could possibly go wrong?

Screenshot: Naked and Afraid: Alone | Gary & Timmy The Turtle – YouTube

Meet Gary Golding from Naked and Afraid XL!

Gary Golding is an expert survivalist. He’s known as the ‘Tarzan of Los Angeles’.

According to his website, when he’s not starring in Naked and Afraid, he rescues animals, provides tours of LA and teaches children about nature and the environment.

Gary was born in Australia, his exact age hasn’t been revealed.

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Naked and Afraid XL: What we know about Gary’s absence

Naked and Afraid XL season 7 episode 8 saw Gary leave the show on day 40.

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Many Discovery viewers were confused at Gary’s absence as no specific illness was confirmed.

However, given the kinds of foods Gary had been consuming during his time on the show (such as alligator eyeballs), some Tweeted that they could’ve guessed that he’d get ill.

Twitter reacts to Gary’s departure

While some Twitter users clearly felt for Gary during his final episode on Naked and Afraid XL, others really couldn’t sympathise with the survivalist as he threw up on the show and tapped out.

One person wrote: “My money’s on Gary having some kind of parasites from that gator #NakedAndAfraidXL

Another said: “Sorry to see Gary go but he did it to himself. It hurt Max, that was his weird buddy“.

Twitter user @rickyrosay35 said: “Of course Gary is sick! What do you expect when you eat every part of a gator with no fear of parasites?”

Someone else tweeted: “I like Gary when he’s normal. Eating stuff just to be disgusting is stupid you don’t want to survive the challenge #NakedAndAfraidXL

Overall, Twitter users looked to think that Gary’s illness could’ve been anything from a virus, parasites, pneumonia, or some kind of poisoning from the raw meat he’d eaten.

Should details of Gary’s ‘unknown illness’ be revealed, we’ll be sure to update you here!



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