The next couple to feature on Bride and Prejudice was gay couple Rob (37) and Simon (31).

Sadly for 2018, the prejudice the duo have had to overcome is garden-variety homophobia, in this case from Rob’s parents.

Old School Views

Although Rob has been out for a number of years, his parents are still harking back to the days when he brought home girls with ‘large chests’.

Which is absolutely something you want your dad to say about your girlfriends, and not weird and uncomfortable at all…

It’s a painful contrast to Simon’s mum, who couldn’t be more supportive or excited. She’s in for every detail, right down to how the lights will be arranged on the dancefloor at their reception.

Meanwhile, Rob has to call his parents and ask them if he can come and discuss the wedding with them.

They’re not exactly keen, but he persists.

It makes for some awkward chat over dinner. While his parents lean hard on the ‘different generation’ excuse, it turns out they haven’t even told their friends or neighbours that their son is getting married at all, let alone to another man.

The excuse is that it’ll be a shock in their small town, but it doesn’t make Rob feel any better. He wants to know if his mum, Linda, and dad, Steve, are ’embarrassed of him’, and the answer isn’t a positive one.

Opening up the Past

Episode 2 revealed that Rob was previously married to a woman, and has two children from that marriage. It’s something his parents cling to, insisting if he was a ‘genuine’ gay they’d have been able to tell from a genuine age. They even expect that he won’t kiss Simon at the wedding!

Thankfully, Steve is showing signs of progress on accepting Rob’s sexuality. By talking to people at work who’ve been to gay weddings, Steve is slowly starting to accept that a gay couple publicly celebrating their love is not so different.

When pressed on why Linda might still be worried about what other people think, we find out she’s been burned before by Rob becoming the subject of local gossip. Turns out going to prison will make for front page headlines.

We’re yet to see Rob and Simon make it down the aisle, but the big day is fast approaching.

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