Gemma Collins spin-off series Diva Espana was tainted by claims of addiction.

The TOWIE star hit a point of make or break point with boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent and needed to fly out Chloe Sims to console her.

What happened between Gemma Collins and Arg?

Is it actually over for good?

Screenshot: Gemma Collins Diva España ITVBE

Diva España

Gemma plans to head out to Marbella for the summer to launch her clothing store abroad and share a new villa with boyfriend Arg.

Deep down, however, Gemma knows from the off that things with Arg aren’t going great and they’re probably not going to get much better.

Screenshot: Gemma Collins Diva España ITVBE

The GC’s in Marbella!

Once Gemma touches down in Marbs, rather than heading to her new love nest/Spanish villa, she heads straight to a hotel as things with her and James are on the rocks.

It’s tears, tears and more tears, as Gemma struggles to come to terms with the fact that Arg is an ex-drug and weight addict.


She feels that there is nothing else she can do for Arg and that the relationship needs to end.

Screenshot: Gemma Collins Diva España ITVBE

Gemma’s Got to Walk Away

Fellow TOWIE star and best-friend Chloe Sims comes out to join Gemma in the Spanish sun for some moral support.

Gemma is more than ready to cut ties with Arg… again.

Gemma said: I’m carrying a child on my back basically, and what am I getting out of it? Upset, tears and heartache.”

Screenshot: Gemma Collins and Chloe Sims Diva España ITVBE

After several champagne flutes and a yacht ride, Chloe’s managed to talk some sense into Gemma regarding her love life.

It’s over. And time to get packing!

Next thing you know, the GC and Miss Sims are clearing out Gemma and Arg’s villa, with the GC taking all the important things that Gemz doesn’t want to agree to joint custody with.

You know, like an inflatable unicorn…

Screenshot: Gemma Collins and Chloe Sims Diva España ITVBE

The GC’s Moving On

After collecting all of her things from the villa, Gemma has a day off from filming for Diva España.

Nevertheless, the tunes are on at a summer party and Golden Tart’s owner, Sarah, says “the old GC is back”.

Yep. Gemma Collins is out there getting digits…

Screenshot: Gemma Collins Diva España ITVBE

Screenshot: Gemma Collins Diva España ITVBE

After the pop-up shop event, Gemma heads back to the U.K and reunites with her dad, confirming that the whole thing was a “nightmare”.

Gemma even confirms it’s over between her and Arg and says that Arg spent all his time in Marbella partying, showing her no support.

And, as fears confirmed, it seems like Arg is now in rehab.

Arg in Rehab

The Sun Online reported Arg was returning to rehab earlier this month (August 2018).

A source told the publication: James was under a dark cloud recently and has made the brave decision to enter back into a programme to help him get back on track.

Screen Shot: ARG & BOBBY row over Gemma Collins photoshop incident - TOWIE, ITVbe, series 22, episode 7

Screen Shot: ARG

He has been attending regular therapy and secondary care at an outpatient treatment facility in London. James told his family and friends he wouldn’t be starting filming with this series of TOWIE.”