TOWIE star Gemma Collins bid goodbye to her Diva Forever fans with the launch of a brand new perfume.

The last episode of the ITV2 series aired on Wednesday, September 4th with the 38-year-old reality TV star signing out in style alongside American bezzie-b Jonathan Cheban.

Episode 5 saw Gemma concocting her brand new Diva Pink perfume, which she also announced on Instagram at the same time.

So, when can you get your hands on a bottle of Gemma’s scent? Is it any good? And how much does it cost?

Diva Forever comes to a close

Gemma’s spin-off show, Gemma Collins: Diva Forever, came to a close on Wednesday night (September 4th) following five episodes. You can catch up with the entire series via the official ITV media player, ITVHub, while a series 2 is yet to be confirmed.

The finale episode saw Gemz dive head-first into her first-ever perfume, which coincides with her boutique shop based in Essex, a plus-size fashion line and biography.

Ep 5 was a typically Gemma Collins affair, where she shocked viewers by spitting out a piece of spinach in a posh restaurant. And to make matters worse, the entire group were sat trying to enjoy the same meal.

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Screenshot: Gemma Collins: Diva Forever episode 5

Screenshot: Gemma Collins: Diva Forever episode 5

Screenshot: Gemma Collins: Diva Forever episode 5

Screenshot: Gemma Collins: Diva Forever episode 5

More importantly, ep 5 saw Gemma announce the launch of her perfume. Although from what we saw, she didn’t seem particularly involved in the process. She met her perfume supplier, Lisa Mellusi, who basically explained that everything was done and showed the TOWIE star the finished product.

Gemma proceeded to test 10 scent versions, although slammed virtually all of them by adding comments like “it has something in it that makes me feel sick” and “it smells like car freshner”.

She’s swished all 10 bottles on her as if it was cheap cooling mist before deciding on “number 7′, and all within about 20 seconds.

And, apparently, combined with some cutting edge notes, that’s how expensive perfume is made…

Screenshot: Gemma Collins: Diva Forever episode 5 perfume

Screenshot: Gemma Collins: Diva Forever episode 5 perfume

How to buy Diva Pink

Gemma announced the launch of Diva Pink on her Instagram as part of her beauty range.

As of September 5th, the perfume is not available to buy from retail stores or Gemma’s personal online range. However, The GC has stated that the scent will arrive “later in September”.

We suggest following Gemma for updates on when the perfume is launched and how to buy it.

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Twitter reacts to the scent of GC

Naturally, there are both lovers and haters when it comes to anything The GC does.

Some fans have already tweeted Gemma asking how and when they can get their hands on the product, citing it as the perfect Christmas gift.

Mia said: “I need the Gemma Collins perfume OMG!”

Others, however, have enjoyed poking light fun at what the Diva Pink perfume may actually smell like.




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