Geordie Shore episode 10 aired Tuesday, December 18th.

The radgies say goodbye to one another as it’s the season finale this week.

But first Sophie finally gets it on with Aussie Alex, Nathan’s treats Abbie to a peculiar birthday gift, and it’s Abbie’s 21st birthday!

This is the Geordie News…
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Sophie and Alex Dine Out

This week Geordie Shore gets slightly more romantic than usual as Sophie and Alex have stopped messing around and have finally accepted that they like each other.

The pair popped out for a bite to eat for Sophie to say:

You know I always tell you about my dad’s restaurant? So, this is it.

Adam looked absolutely petrified and said he was glad her dad wasn’t actually there.
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore season 18 episode 10 – MTV

Little did Alex know that Mr Kasaei himself was about to meet him for the first time!
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV

Sophie was in stitches at Alex’s reaction as he was shaking with fear at meeting her father.
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore season 18 episode 10 – MTV

Abbie’s Birthday Present

In Geordie Shore series 18 episode 10, Nathan takes Abbie out for her birthday.

On the way to the birthday location, Abbie said:

All of Newcastle’s fanciest bars are back in that direction. Are we having a massage?
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV

It turned out that Nathan had kindly booked Abbie in for a colonic irrigation treatment – lovely!

Funnily enough, Abbie was not looking forward to “Sh***ing herself in front of a stranger” while Nathan looked pleased with himself and said: “Come on then, get yourself in, spread your legs.”
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore season 18 episode 10 – MTV

Abbie’s Birthday Party

Of course, having your 21st birthday party while in the Geordie Shore house is bound to be pure carnage and that’s exactly what Abbie’s birthday was.

Nana turned up, bottle of champers in hand, and all of Abbie’s friends from outside the house.
S18 E10 Geordie Shore – MTV
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV

Sophie Comes to a Conclusion

While at Abbie’s wild birthday party, Holly and Sophie catch up on the all-important subject of Alex.

Sophie asks for Holly’s advice again and Holly sticks to her guns by saying that Sophie should just go there and not catch feelings.
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV

This final episode Sophie and Sam also have a heart to heart.

After all their fighting this series, the air has finally been cleared and the two agreed they’re closer than ever.
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV

Nana Got Mortal

Abbie’s party looked like it could’ve been too much for anyone to handle and it certainly got the better of her Nana.

Abbie was seen dragging her grandmother out of the house after she decided she was past the point of no return.
S18 E10 Geordie Shore – MTV
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV

Nana was not keen on leaving the party and at one point backwards rolled over the sofa!

Abbie got her out in the end, though.

The Radgies Say Farewell

With it being the final episode of series 18 the Geordie Shore family had to say goodbye to each other this week.

One by one they all signed their names on the house walls and ventured back out into the real world.
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV

Until next time, radgies!
Geordie Shore S18 E10 – MTV


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