Geordie Shore season 18 episode 2 aired Tuesday, October 23rd!

The Geordie Shore family are back at it again, getting mortal, throwing parties and hang on a minute, working out?

Scotty T gets his flirt on with Abbie Holborn and an old G Shore original makes his return.

Here’s the Geordie Shore News…

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Sam and Chloe’s Housewarming

Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland threw their very first house party this episode.

Chloe was nervous as she’d never had anybody over before and Sam just hoped the fam would all appreciate how much effort they’d put in.

Sophie Kasaei said: “I’m actually gobsmacked. This looks really nice.”

Nathan Henry, on the other hand, said it looked like “a Come Dine With Me for four-year-olds”.

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Faith Mullen Gets Educational

At her and Sam’s housewarming, Chloe got the more of a lowdown on Christianity from Faith.

Faith said:

Everyone who believes in God goes to heaven, it’s that simple.

While Sophie asked Nathan in private: “Nathan with Faith, is she like really religious? Does that mean she doesn’t have sex before marriage?”

Nathan replied: She’s not a Catholic, she’s Christian.

For Sophie to answer: “What’s the difference?”

Faith’s got her work cut out with this lot.

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The Fam Hit the Gym

In episode 2 the whole family head to Gym Unique in Durham.


The gym is owned by Geordie Shore OG, James Tindale.

James got acquainted with the current Geordie Shore cast and put them through their paces before everyone except Sophie gave up and went home.

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Back at the House

After their big night out with OG James, the crew head back to the house completely out of it.

Faith was naked in the hot tub kissing a gnome, Chloe was naked in the shower with a houseplant, and Sam, James and Adam Guthrie made a slide out of the dining room table.

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Faith Gets Upset

Geordie Shore rarely has it’s sad moments but episode 2 definitely had one.

A group game of Truth or Dare back at the house soon turned to tears for Faith.

Chloe dared Faith to do something she just didn’t agree with.

Faith felt judged for not wanting to join in.

And while Chloe was going on at the poor newbie, she just said she simply didn’t understand why Faith wouldn’t play the game.

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Sophie consoled Faith and said:

“Do you know who you remind us of, Holly. Holly came into this house, right, day one, she was very different from the rest of us, she stood out like a sore thumb, and look at her now, she’s my sister.”


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