Geordie News – Geordie Shore season 18 episode 8!

Geordie Shore episode 8 aired Tuesday 4th December.

This week the family are back home in the Toon.

The radgies are ready to cause more mayhem along with old flames and family members, Chloe gets angry after a night out on the Toon once again and Nathan has to put her to bed.

Here’s the Geordie News…

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08

Aussie Alex is Back

Episode 8 kicked off with a nice surprise for the Geordie lot.

Aussie Alex was visiting family in Newcastle and decided to drop in on his other party fam.

Sophie took Alex out on a tandem bike ride around the Toon and the pair caught up after their time apart.

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08

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Sophie tried to keep her cards close to her chest and her feelings under wraps.

But on a night out after plenty of vodka lemonades, all hell broke loose.

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08

Sophie said: “Alex is trying it on with us but he’s completely f***ed. This is not how I wanted it to happen.”

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08

Alex said: “I can’t believe I’ve just been pied. She’s done this in Australia and now she’s doing it in the U.K.”

Chloe said:

I am pure bladdered but I don’t know if I can see Alex flirting with Abbie and that’s completely bang out of order.

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08

Chloe Gets Mortal

On the radgies second night out the whole group took things a bit too far drink-wise.

Chloe said:

I wanna be happy for Sophie but I can’t stop thinking about what Sam said, that Alex said ‘never say never’ with Abbie. If Sophie knew that she’d go f***ing mad.

Tensions were high and back at the house, Chloe got so enraged with Aussie Alex that she attempted to throw food at him multiple times.

Chips, kebab, you name it, it was hurled at Alex.

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08

Holly Hagan Returns

This week that family had not only one surprise new member but two!

Holly arrived back at the house and announced the news that the group would be holding a Geordie Tour at Newcastle Pride.

Holly saw Alex and said: “What on earth is Alex from Australia doing here? Has he flew all this way just to see Sophie?”

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08

At Gay Pride, Holly asked what Sophie was thinking about her and Alex.

Sophie said:

I don’t know whether to go with my head who says just go for it or go with my heart who says he’s going to go back to Australia.

Screen Shot: Geordie Shore S18 E08



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