Geordie Shore’s Chloe and Sam turn super soppy in latest episode

Geordie Shore’s Chloe and Sam turn super soppy in latest episode

Still living it up in Tenerife, fans of Geordie Shore were expecting more drunken carnage from the group of Newcastle lads and ladettes abroad.

Although there was a huge food fight towards the end of the show and Nathan did something pretty damn unsavoury with the end of a hair straightener, episode six from the new MTV series turned out to be more of a rom-com. Literally, fans were expecting Ryan Reynolds to turn up.

Lovebirds Chloe and Sam continued their blossoming relationship in super soppy style throughout.

After the pair had curled up side by side in bed together – aww so romantic – Sam jetted his new found love off for her first ever date.

Yup, 22 years old, and it was her first EVER date. But at least Sam knew how to treat her right.

He said: “Chloe has never been on a date before. I hope it goes alright.

“Mind you, if it doesn’t, she would never know.”

Having walked Chloe down to a picturesque quay, she squeaked in excitement at the prospect of sailing off for a romantic sea meal. Sam had other ideas.

He said: “We’re going parascending.”

Nervous from the offset and adamant that the small waves causing the boat to rock was a “tsunami”, Chloe was petrified throughout her parascending trip.

She said: “I don’t like water, I don’t like air and I dont like boats. What am I doing here.”

Screaming, repeating how she hated it, and eventually begging to get down, Chloe didn’t exactly enjoy the date. Nevertheless the loved up couple agreed to a second date.

With a visibly sour Abbie hanging around like a bad smell however, things started to kick off as the gang moved forward with their Toon Tours abroad party, setting the tone by admitting to dirty secrets.

“My name’s Sam and I got caught having sex in a church car park,” – Yeah, Sam got the hang of it pretty quick.

Marking her territory, Chloe told Sam that he shouldn’t “neck-on” with the clients because he “might get the sack”.

Yeah Chloe, not because you want lover-boy all to yourself!

Sam said: “When a girl says to you, ‘do what you want’.

“DO NOT do what you want, because she will kill you.”

Wise words from Sam, and he even followed up on them, spending the night confessing his true feelings about Chloe to her bezzie-b Sophie.

By the time the pair had got back from Tenerife and Sam told everybody that his relationship was more than just a holiday romance.

Back with a bang in Newcastle for another night out then, and Chloe and Sam spent the night out cuddled on the club sofa and making out with more tongue than what would be considered safe.

Back at the house and Chloe and Sam finally got a room, sneaking off to the shower to get freaky . . . only for Abbie to walk in, and decide that she should use the shower directly next to them.

All completely naked and about two metres apart, the sex vibes sort of died off . . . and that was it.

Will Sam and Chloe finally get to to the knot on their relationship – Aka by nabbing a spot at the shag pad – find out next week on Geordie Shore.

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