“Cheerleading is the best sport in the whole world” are the words of Cheer season 2 cast member and seriously talented cheerleader, Maddy Brum. The Netflix show returned for its second season on January 12th, 2022 and brings with it some old and new faces.

Cassadee Dunlap, Gillian Rupert and Maddy Brum are all newbies on the mat in season 2. Maddy reveals on the show that she had a turbulent childhood and that cheerleading was a way of her maintaining stability in her life. So, let’s find out more about Maddy’s parents, George Brum and Nicole Ostis.

Cheer Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cheer Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Get to know Cheer’s Maddy Brum

Cheer’s Maddy Brum hails from Massachusetts and has lived and breathed cheerleading since she was a child.

Maddy is 19 years old and can be seen coaching young cheerleaders during the series.

One aspect of the Cheer star’s life that is revealed during season 2 is the fact that she had a difficult upbringing.

Nicole Ostis, Maddy’s mother, appears on the Netflix series. She said: “She spent the majority of her childhood in a cheer gym“.

During Cheer season 2 episode 3, Maddy’s father calls her to speak about getting her an agent. Maddy says on the show that she’s built up a large social media following and that her father wants to make the most of it: “He wants to get me my own clothing line… I’m here to do cheer, not to promote myself.”

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Who is George Brum?

George Brum is Maddy’s father. While her mother, Nicole, appears on the Netflix series, her father can’t appear on screen.

Maddy’s mother said: “When Maddy was young, her dad went into prison“.

The 19 year old now lives in Texas for school and cheerleading practice. She said that her father doesn’t know what her life is all about in Texas, adding: “My dad can’t leave the state of Massachusetts for legal reasons“.

Cheer: How long was Maddy’s father in prison?

During Cheer season 2, Maddy says that her father served 12 years in prison.

Maddy’s grandmother, Terry Ann Flynn, also appears on Cheer. Speaking of the time when Maddy’s father was getting out of prison, Terry said that Maddy was “…beside herself, not knowing how she was going to handle it...”

Maddy took to Instagram in March 2019 to say that she was officially on the Navarro cheer team which means she would’ve moved to Texas around this time, after her father was released from prison.

Speaking of her father, Maddy said: “He didn’t get to see me a lot of my life but a the end of the day that’s kind of his fault.” The cheerleading pro also added that she thinks that her father “has a lot to make up for“.

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