George Day officially joins a long list of nobodies having failed to make a lasting impression in his two-day holiday to Casa Amor.

The 2020 Love Island star was nothing more than a tiny shadow in the presence of characters such as Ched Uzor. And although our man Ched had just one televised conversation, where he did nothing more than fumble the word ‘like’ 50 times at Jess Gale, he still managed to leave more of an impression than slick-talking Southampton man George Day.

Here’s to the Love Island cast members who came, saw and didn’t conquer. The guys who saw their names in Hollywood lights and the girls who envisioned themselves with a 20,000% increase in Instagram followers and a new life of influencing before it all went t*ts up.

Take a trip down memory with Reality Titbit to remember these fallen Love Island heroes.

Screenshot: George Day Love Island – ITV

Casa Amor 2017: Not a ball for everyone

For those who need a little memory jog, Love Island 2017 was the one with Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinany.

In fact, there were plenty of larger than life characters including Olivia Attwood, Gabby Allen, Marcel Somerville and Montana Brown. And most of them have gone on to forge decent careers!


Even the Casa Amor episode brought us some reasonable characters, such as Chyna Ellis and hunk Alex Beattie, who snatched Montana and stayed with her all the way to a fifth-place finish.

But for every Alex, there was a Steve Ball. With a name like Steve Ball, he was never going to get very far and considering we can’t even find him on Instagram now, it doesn’t look like Steve’s five seconds of fame helped.

Steve Ball - Love Island on ITV

Steve Ball – Love Island on ITV

Casa Amor 2018: Warbling Wardle

The 2018 version was explosive – remember Kazimir Crossley walking back to the villa with Josh Denzel.

Yes, this series 4 version of Casa Amor brought us not only Kaz but also the likes of Jack Fowler and Charlie Brake, who all had decent runs in the series.

You’ll probably remember some of the other names, such as tattooed-babe Darylle Sargeant, but the rest were all utter moot points.

The worst of the bunch was Grace Wardle, who is still teetering at under 100k Insta followers now. She can be epitomised for some atrocious chats with Dr Alex where their banter seemed to be aimed at who could put the other to sleep first.

Casa Amor 2019: Just don’t cast Steves

Ladies and gentleman, we give you Stevie Bradley.

Casa Amor 2019 – if not Love Island 2019 – will always be remembered for the charismatic god that is Ovie Soko. The pro basketball player entered the villa with some serious swag, not only sweeping girls off their feet but doing it with ‘I don’t really care’ attitude along the way.

Belle Hassan paired up with Anton Danyluk as another solid Casa Amor entry while Sir Stevie Bradley did the exact opposite.

He attempted to bond with surfer girl Lucie Donlan but overall had the chat of a wet flannel and simply wasn’t cut out for life on Love Island.

Casting disaster!

Casa Amor 2020: Colonel Mustard George

Of the six boys who entered the South Africa villa recently, Ched Uzor and Jordan Waobikeze got the nod, alongside a huge hall of girls in Eva Zapico, Natalia Zoppa, Molly Smith and Priscilla Anyabu.

The others were all as unremarkable as the next but George Day really stood out as having made no effort while on the show.

Sure, he had a nice little holiday break but he didn’t exactly make the most of his one shot at fame. He swanned around the place as if every girl was going to pick him and made audiences sick with his nauseating chat-up lines.

So, actually, perhaps in a sense he will always be remembered for his terrible pick-up line:

I think you’re absolutely mustard… and I’m having you on toast