Sam said he has PROOF that Georgia cheated! What did the messages say?

Love Island has returned for a festive special – The Love Island Christmas Reunion!

All of the series 4 favourites returned for a big festive knees-up – not without a load of awkward couple’s chats, though.

All the details of the breakups over the summer finally get revealed.

So what happened between Georgia and Sam? Did she cheat?

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Georgia’s Arrival

In classic G Steel style, Georgia made a huge – and very noisy – entrance to the house.

Georgia snubbed the majority of the group and went off with Dani and Samira to catch up.

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Sam said: “I was ready to say hello to her and she didn’t even look me in the eye and that’s got guilty written all over it.”

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Georgia admitted to the girls that she was really nervous to see Sam.

Screen Shot: Love Island Christmas Reunion – ITVBe

Sam and Georgia’s Showdown

Sam kicked off the long-awaited conversation by saying: “The reason we’ve separated is because you’ve basically cheated on me.”

Georgia said: “First of all I didn’t cheat.”

Sam said:

We know for a fact that twice you went and stayed at your ex’s.

Georgia said: “No, we dont know that for a fact, I went there once to get some stuff…”

Sam argued: “I’ve got the proof and everyone’s seen the proof!”

Georgia then added: “Proof between me and my best friend, that you went through my phone when I was asleep.”

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Georgia continued: “The fact is, I did break off the relationship before you did go through my phone.”

Sam stood by what he said and adamantly said: “No you didn’t, that’s such a lie.”

The rest of the islanders looked on from the lounge doorway.

Ellie turned and told the group:

The messages literally say “Where does Sam think you are?”

Jack then admitted that he’d seen the messages, too.

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Did Georgia Cheat on Sam?

Throughout the whole argument, Georgia continued to defend herself: I admitted the fact that I went round to my ex’s. You’re making me out to be a cheater when I’m not.”

Sam was fuming and asked Georgia if she was joking, he was mainly upset at the fact that he had never received an apology.

Sam also pointed out that Georgia’s argument didn’t make sense and asked: “Who needs to go and collect things from their ex’s house at four in the morning?”

Georgia said:

We both know for a fact that our relationship was not working. Unfortunately, things dont work, Sam.

Screen Shot: Love Island Christmas Reunion – ITVBe

Georgia then threw another curveball into the mix by saying that Sam made her “feel very trapped” and that he was “very horrible to her”.

Looking over from just outside the room, Jack said: “That’s a liberty man. You can’t say that.”

The whole thing pretty much turned into quite the conversational mess with Georgia having the last word:

I’m walking away babe because I really dont care anymore darling.


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