Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif are plastic surgery saviours who see all kinds of patients on their TV show Botched. Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif are here to make things right and they’ve seen all kinds of people in their consultation room who have had some dodgy cosmetic procedures done in the past.

The E! Entertainment show features patients who want parts of their bodies made bigger, smaller, perkier or simply recorrected. There have even been some people to walk into the doctors’ office who have been turned away for the work they want doing. So, let’s find out more about who Snow Bunny from Botched is and what she does.

Ready To Love | Trailer | OWN

Ready To Love | Trailer | OWN

Snow Bunny appears on Botched

During Botched season 7 episode 9, Danii Banks visits Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif to talk about her ‘booty aspirations’.

She said of her butt: “…the right side, the crease is like non-existent, it’s nothing like the left side. Maybe the doctors can take out all this extra fat in my body, like a BBL and put it here.”

Dr Dubrow cleared things up when it came to Snow Bunny’s gluteal crease: “You should not consider taking any amount of fat and putting it on top or mixing it in or layering it or anything and I’ll tell you why. Fat injections in the buttock is the most dangerous procedure in all of plastic surgery. Because there’s a very short distance between the blood vessels in the buttock and the main vein bringing blood back to the heart and the lungs. If you get fat into there and it goes up into your lungs, game over.

After explaining the extreme risks of the procedure that Snow Bunny was after, Dr Dubrow added: “You have five million followers with that crease, I think you’re good with that crease.

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Who is Snow Bunny?

Snow Bunny’s real name is Danii Banks. She is 31 years old and hails from Michigan.

Speaking of how she got the name ‘Snow Bunny’, Danii said: “Where I got the name Snow Bunny was like a white girl with a big booty.”

Judging by her appearance on Botched, she’s clearly keen on being a part of, in her words, the “BBC” which she said is the “Big Booty Crew“.

She said that originally she wanted a BBL procedure (Brazilian Butt Lift) but couldn’t afford it and opted for hydrogel injections in her butt instead to get “instant results” around 2015.

What does Danii Banks do for a living?

Danii Banks’ reason for appearing on Botched may seem insignificant to some, but her body makes her a living as she’s a social media influencer, YouTuber and OnlyFans model.

Dr Dubrow said: “…given that your social media and your buttock is basically your whole world, aren’t you a little concerned that if you do something on top of a complication you may have an even worse complication?

On Botched she and her friend, JR, said that they travel a lot and mostly spend time in Las Vegas and Atlanta.

Danii explained that she creates content “like an influencer” and added: “I’m known as your favourite Snow Bunny”.

She has over 7m followers on IG @danii.banks. She also has a TV channel IG page with around 70k followers – @daniibanks.tv and one that specifically links to her OnlyFans content @bigdaniibanks. Danii also has around 5k subscribers on YouTube.



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