Get to know Erica Shemwell: Mom of 11 on The Blended Bunch!
Screenshot: The Blended Bunch TLC - YouTube

Get to know Erica Shemwell: Mom of 11 on The Blended Bunch!

Erica Shemwell is a mother and step-mother to 11 children on TLC’s The Blended Bunch. She and her husband, Spencer, are the main cast members of the show. So, let’s get to know Erica a little more.

The mere thought of looking after 11 young children – six boys and five girls – all day would be overwhelming for many people. But, not Erica. The Utah resident is bossing life on The Blended Family alongside her partner, Spencer.

TLC is the show that brought us 90 Day Fiancé, My 600-lb Life and My Big Fat Fabulous Life, so viewers will likely have their expectations set high for the new reality show.

Screenshot: The Blended Bunch TLC – YouTube

Meet Erica Shemwell

Erica Shemwell is 33 years old and is a mother to seven children – Emma, Landon, Caleb, Amelia, Lily, Tanner and Sophie. She’s also a step-mother to her husband’s four kids – Brayden, Harper, Avery and Bexley.

During The Blended Bunch, Erica says: “I love being a mom and I love spending time with my kids. It can be a little difficult sometimes...”

The family lives in Lehi, Utah. Combining newly-married life and the blending of their many children, Erica and Spencer have got a lot on their plate in the TLC show.

The Blended Bunch: Erica’s late husband

Both Spencer and Erica’s previous partners passed away leaving them as single parents to multiple kids. Erica said: “I was a 29-year-old widow with seven kids, I didn’t really think anyone would be interested in that whole package.”

Her first husband, Tony, passed away from brain cancer in 2016. Erica and Tony were high school sweethearts who always dreamt of having a large family.

After finding herself a single mother to seven, Erica later met Spencer. The pair met on a social media site, in a widow and widowers group, Erica and Spencer hit it off right away but he lived in Virginia while she was in Utah.

Spencer relocated to Utah and within 13 months of meeting, the couple got married and now, they’ve been living as a blended family, exposing the highs and lows to the world via The Blended Bunch.

Meet Erica Shemwell’s family

Married seven weeks after their first kiss, then moving in together and now deciding to adopt each other’s children, Erica’s family members seemed slightly concerned during the show that they may be moving too quickly.

Erica’s sister, Alexis, brother, Quinn and their parents all feature on the TLC show.

While Erica’s parents seemed supportive of the couple adopting one another’s children, Quinn really wasn’t so sure. However, it looks as though the Shemwell’s are going ahead with becoming a family on paper.

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Screenshot: The Blended Bunch TLC – YouTube



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