Get to know Naomi Gomez from I Can See Your Voice
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Get to know Naomi Gomez from I Can See Your Voice

The first season of I Can See Your Voice was a huge hit, with fans shouting its praises and encouraging Fox to make a second season. Well, they listened to their audience and are back with a whole new batch of secret singers.

One of the contestants who appeared on the game show was American singer and performer, Naomi Gomez.

During the show, contestants have to perform a lip sync against 6 other people and the aim is for the participant to eliminate the ‘bad’ singers without even hearing them sing. All to win a grand cash prize of $100,000.

Gomez lip-synced to her own voice during her performance and the judges were blown away. So, let’s get to know this multi-talented music marvel, Naomi Gomez.

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Anyone Can Sing | Official Trailer | Sky

Anyone Can Sing | Official Trailer | Sky

Get to know Naomi Gomez

Naomi Gomez is a talented and highly trained actress and performer from New York. Though this is her base, she resides between New York as well as LA and Florida.

According to her Backstage profile, Gomez is a singer, actress and writer with a wide variety of skills. When we say variety, we mean variety!

Her skills range from jazz vocal training, violin, piano as well as dance, and stretch as far as rapping and something she likes to call, ‘trumpet mouth’.

Gomez received her acting and performance training from multiple institutions across the US which have clearly helped her gain a variety of unique skills. Her initial training was at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Centre in Orlando.

Naomi Gomez’ performing career

Though Gomez’ industry experience is broad, her main features as an actress have been in theatre productions, and some pretty popular ones at that.

The actress played the lead role of Aida in the production Aida. As well as this, she played Rosalia in the infamous West Side Story and was even featured in Hairspray.

Other theatre productions she has been in include Final Placement, A View from the Bridge and Rosemary with Ginger.

Aside from her pretty major roles in theatre, Gomez has also featured in some movies throughout her career so far including My Perfect Love, Justice; Soldiers of God and Little Ezzie.

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Gomez practices martial arts

Gomez’ backstage profile also highlights her athletic abilities which go hand in hand when it comes to performing. During her time at school, she became confident in track and field and is an avid jogger.

However, as we mentioned before, Gomez hosts a variety of skills and this is no different in terms of her sporting abilities.

The amateur athlete is trained in Tae Kwon Do, boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Now, that’s a pretty impressive CV you’ve got there Naomi!

Naomi’s Instagram

Check out more of Naomi’s music and talents on her Instagram account, under the handle @naomikgomez.

Her feed showcases her original songs, performances and lots of videos of her playing her guitar and singing. Go and check it out for yourself.

Or to see even more of her music, head over to her official YouTube page.



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