Following the huge success of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, the streaming service is back with a brand new series based in a fresh location of Tampa, Florida. Selling Tampa dropped on Netflix on December 15th and features a group of smart, strong women who run Allure Realty.

From selling houses to huge sports stars and famous faces including Tom Cruise, to throwing baby showers and finding new partners, the women on Selling Tampa have certainly got their hands full. There’s also a lot of healthy competition going on in the Allure Realty office, so let’s get to know more about Netflix’s Selling Tampa cast.

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Netflix’s Selling Tampa cast: Sharelle Rosado

Sharelle Rosado is the founder of Allure Realty. Sharelle, 34, is an army veteran with an entrepreneurial spirit and it looks like there’s no stopping the woman in charge of Allure. She said during season 1: “When I set my eyes on a target, I don’t miss.

Alexis Williams

Realtor Alexis, 30, is being coached by Tennille Moore during Selling Tampa season 1. She said: “I know these girls see me as an NFL wife, I am here to make money, I’m here to be a go-getter and get the job done.” She’s married to former NFL player Mike Gillislee.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere

Anne-Sophie, 27, describes herself as “super ambitious” and went into real estate straight from college as she knew that’s where she could make a lot of money. She loves being her own boss and because she grew up an only child, she’s fiercely independent.

selling tampa cast
Screenshot: Alexis Williams Selling Tampa – Netflix

Colony Reeves

Colony, 30, was previously a school teacher, but after going to her parents in despair over her career choice, she opted for a change to real estate. Now, she’s selling houses in one of the most sought-after areas in the USA. Colony says she’s an OG at Allure as she sold one of the first houses when the business first started up.

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Juawana Colbert-Williams

Sharelle and Juawana met around three and a half years ago. during Selling Tampa, Juawana, 41, said that their relationship started out as just a working relationship but now they’re good friends, too. The Selling Tampa star is a grandmother

Karla Giogrio

Karla explains during episode 2 of the series that she’d experienced some hardships over the last couple of years including a breakup with her high school sweetheart. She and Sharelle talked about how to boost her realty sales moving forward to get Karla back in the game.

Selling Tampa cast: Meet Rena Frazier

Boasting a whole load of qualifications, Rena is also a real estate agent on the show. She has an engineering and a law degree and was previously a partner at a law firm. Rena was the first real estate agent to work at Allure Realty. She said that she was encouraged to get into the field by Sharelle and the pair met as they were neighbours.

Tennille Moore

Tennille is a native of Sarasota native who has had a long career in real estate. She’s a mother-of-three and judging by her appearance on Selling Tampa, she’s not afraid to voice her opinion.

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