Get to know the entire BBC Interior Design Masters cast - Jim, Kyle, Cassie on Instagram!
BBC: Interior Design Masters cast

Get to know the entire BBC Interior Design Masters cast - Jim, Kyle, Cassie on Instagram!

A brand new creative competitive series kicks off on BBC Two on Wednesday, August 14th, with 10 interior designers competing for a life-changing contract with one of London’s top hotels.

The ten talented up-and-coming interior designers will put their skills to the test in a series of challenges each week. Every episode will see them tackle a different design brief and be judged by some of the nation’s toughest and most renowned designers.

Fearne Cotton will be doing what she does best as the head presenter on the show and ex Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decoration, Michelle Ogundehein, will be the series’ judge.

So who are the competitors for this first series of Interior Design Masters? Meet the full cast here!

Terian Tilston

Fife-based designer Terian Tilston is joining the cast for this first series of Interior Design Masters.

Terian has wanted to be a creative since she was a child and found her way in the world of interior design after taking a more conservative route and studying to be a lawyer.

Terian studied Law at university and worked as a Litigation Solicitor for nearly six years before quitting and pursuing her passion for design. She now runs her own business, Terian Tilston Interior Design.

Instagram: @teriantilston_interiordesign

Terian – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Ju DePaula

Crawley-based Ju DePaula is already one of the front-runners in the competition with not only a very interior design esc name but experience as an interiors consultant.

The 40-year-old grew up in Brazil and hopes to bring a slice of that tropical sunshine into her work, with fashionable and whimsical styles.

Instagram: @blueberrylivingco

She told the BBC:

My style can be described as joyful, colourful, patterned, bright and airy with a touch of Alice in Wonderland to it.

Ju – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Kyle Broughton-Frew

Twenty-eight-year-old Kyle is an interior designer from Birmingham.

He started out training to be an architect and completed a degree in Architecture in 2018 from Birmingham City University.

Kyle’s interests were narrowed to interior design at univeristy and he started doing freelance work from 2016. Since May 2018, Kyle has been working as an interior designer for Birmingham’s Harper Harlow.

Instagram: @kyle_broughton_frew_designer

Kyle – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Verity Coleman

Verity, from Herefordshire, is one of the most interesting contestants on the show having moved into interior deisgn after retiring from the Army as an officer.

Now 34, she takes inspiration from designers such as David Mlinaric, Nina Campbell, Ben Pentreath, Rita Konig, Martin Brudnizki.

With a strong love of colour, expect plenty of pink and turquoise tones – the shades that paint the canvas of her Instagram page.

Instagram: @rascalandroses

Verity – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Frank Newbold

Frank is the youngest contestant on the show, aged 22. Don’t let that put you off, however, he is full of confidence and heads into the BBC series telling producers that no-one has the same unique style.

With the motto “more is always more”, the Kent-born young-gun is sure to be one of the most entertaining contestants.

Instagram: @franknewbold

Frank – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Trish Coggans

From the youngest to the oldest, Trish is 30 years Frank’s senior with a wealth of experience working one-on-one with clients.

Interestingly, psychology plays a key role in her design outlook as she currently works as a social worker in Nottinghamshire.

Instagram: @outshine_interiors

Trish – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Jim Biddulph

A 32-year-old from Margate, Jim is a design writer by trade, which translates into a clean and contemporary interior design style.

Having studied vast art and design courses at university, Jim hopes that knowledge converts to power on the series as he looks to impose his “strikingly functional” designs on the judges.

Instagram: @jimbidd

Jim – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Cassie Nicholas

Bristol-based Cassie is an antique dealer by trade and will bring a very different Victoriana style to the Interior Design Masters series – she couldn’t be any more different than Jim!

Cassie is all about that Bohemian look, referencing her designs to that of Pearl Lowe. With close to 10,000 followers already on Instagram, she’s expected to be a popular contestant!

Instagram: @dighaushizzle

Cassie – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Jerome Gardener

Restaurant manager Jerome describes himself as a “yes you can” designer and is always willing to try something different and experimental.

Instagram: @jeromegardenerhome

He told the BBC:

I feel I’m growing in my design and really becoming comfortable with my own style however I had a nickname from some of the other designers, they’d refer to me as Kelly [Hoppen].

Jerome – BBC: Interior Design Masters

Nicki Bamford-Bowes

A graphic designer from London, Nicki has a wealth of experience in related fields and has had her eye on brave and bold interior designs for over 15 years.

The 41-year-old boasts Irish designer Róisín Lafferty and Spanish designer Patrica Bustos as inspirations. She already has 23,000 followers on Instagram and is expected to lead from the front!

Instagram: @andthentheywentwild

Nicki – BBC: Interior Design Masters




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