Channel 4 is home to an exclusive online series called The Prancing Elites Project.

Currently, there are two series and 22 episodes available on the All4 player, which follows a group of male dancers and their struggles against prejudice.

Here’s everything you need to know about the loud and proud dance team from Mobile, Alabama.

Screen Shot: The Prancing Elite Project, ALL4, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Prancing Elite Project, ALL4, Channel 4

What is the Prancing Elites Project?

Prancing Elites Project is a U.S reality series that first aired in 2015 on Oxygen. It has been available on ALL4 since November 4th.

The documentary follows the five-member dance squad of Adrian Clemons, Kentrell Collins, Kareem Davis, Jerel Maddox and Tim Smith.

As you may have anticipated, life isn’t easy for a team of African-American, gay and gender non-conforming dancers from Alabama.

They’re excluded from competitions and banned from participating in national parades yet continue to fight for their right to perform amidst professional rejections and family disapproval.

Channel 4 describes the series as:

An uplifting, inspiring and humorous docu-series.

The Cast – Kentrell Collins

Kentrell Collins is the captain and leader of The Prancing Elites Project.

The 31-year-old is larger than life, unapologetic over who he is at heart and always stands up for what he belives in.

He discovered his love of dancing in high school and has refused to keep it a secret ever since.

Kareem Davis

Kareem is a 27-years-old hip-hop dancer and choreographer who joined The Prancing Elite for the TV project.

He was an athlete in college but turned away from potentially making it pro in baseball and basketball to follow his love of dancing.

In an episode of the Prancing Elites, Kareem admits that he is HIV positive.

Adrian Clemons

Adrian is 28 years old and has a long history with dancing having studied at the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in New York.

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Tim Smith

More commonly known as Timberley Smith, Tim is 27 years old and is gender non-conforming.

Tim first came to fame in 2013 when the dance troupe recorded an amateur video of them cheerleading at a basketball game.

Jerel Maddox

Jerel Maddox overcame a troubled childhood in his hometown of Alabama by turning to dance.

He was captain of his own dance troupe before joining the series and always reminds the team that they are representative of much more than a simple dance group.

How to Watch Prancing Elites Project

You can watch The Prancing Elites Project via the official Channel 4 Player, ALL4.

Here, there are two series.

Series three of Prancing Elites was cancelled.