Bravo has brought back Shahs of Sunset, where GG’s new motherhood is followed. So, who is her baby daddy? We found out the truth here.

The series follows six Persian-American friends in Los Angeles, who try to juggle their active social lives, careers, and family traditions.

GG is amongst the cast members, who has recently taken on a whole new way of life, after becoming a new mom to her son Elijah.

Several fans may be wondering how GG got pregnant, and who the baby daddy could be. Keep reading to find out the truth behind Golnesa’s son.

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Who is GG’s baby daddy?

Some Shahs of Sunset fans may have wondered who the father of GG’s son is, but she plans to raise her child by herself.

GG has joked about her friend Yasmin Tavakoli being her “baby daddy” on Instagram, but it has been confirmed she used a sperm donor to conceive.

She successfully completed a round of IVF in August 2019. Her journey with the treatment previously featured on the Bravo series.

The reality star, 39, was actively looking for a sperm donor back in August 2018. She has revealed her sperm donor father is Jewish.

GG’s requirements while looking – which involved searching through profiles – were that she wanted them to be healthy, wealthy, with darker features, more Middle-Eastern, and not ready to have emotions for her.

Does GG have a partner?

GG previously split from her ex-husband Shalom Yeroushalmi, after filing for divorce in May 2017, and completing the process at the end of 2018.

Since then, she has not dated anyone, and is focussing on herself and her son Elijah. However, she does not rule out having a partner in future.

She told Bravo:

If I’m lucky to meet someone I vibe with and it works, that’s great, but I’m not interested in getting married in the future and don’t necessarily see myself with a forever life partner. My forever will be my child.

GG opens up about her son’s name

GG’s son’s name Elijah reportedly pays tribute to her Jewish sperm donor father, as the name is Hebrew.

Revealing that it “kind of honors her ‘Donor Daddy'”, GG also revealed that she has always planned to call her child Elijah, if it was a boy.


Honestly, since I was little, I have been in love with Elijah Wood. I remember first seeing him in [1992’s] Radio Flyer. He was just, the guy for me. My best friend and I even had a bet where I said if I had a boy, I’d name him Elijah. So when I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I was like, ‘Well, that’s settled!’



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