Girl recalls time Idris Virgo 'DM'd' her on Facebook - this guy is too much!

Idris Virgo is a hot topic in the U.K right now.

The 25-year-old professional boxer (2-0-0) stormed into the Love Island villa earlier this week, cracking on hard with virtually female in the vicinity

A cocky and confident persona has made Idris TV gold, although his time in the Majorca villa could be coming to an abrupt end.

New Bombshell Alexandra Cane must pick between Dr Alex, Kieran Nicholls or the one and only Idris Virgo.

Whether Idris goes on to future stardom or not, at least we have this fantastic tale from one social media user.

Love Island boxer Idris Virgo: What is his professional record?

From ITV Studios

Love Island: SR4: Ep39 on ITV2
Pictured: Idris Virgo and Alexandra during the challenge.

Idris Virgo on Facebook

According to Sophie Robinson on Twitter, Idris’s arrival on Love Island brought back a few memories.

She recalled a time where Idris direct messaged her on FB, using the same toe-curlingly corny lines that we have heard on Love Island 2018.

@_sophsoph screenshotted the conversation, dating back to 2013.

The picture on the account does match up to Idris’s Instagram account, so it could be a true story!

What Idris Said

Sophie recalls the conversation as follow, with Idris sliding into her DM with an initial “what’s good?” – classic!


Idris continued: You having a laugh aint ya ignorin my messages I think u need to look throw my pages and acknowlege you aint talkin to any guy out there.”

Idris’s terrible spelling and horrid grammar have been a huge talking point on Twitter, although Sophie put Idris in his place there and then.

Here is the full conversation, including the moment Idris said “miss typing” instead of “mistyping”.

And now we have to sit back and wait to see if Alexandra chooses medical graduation and A&E doctor Alex George, or this guy.

For the love of god, Alexandra, please make the right choice!



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