Gogglebox: Say hello to Sue and Steve - series 14's latest wine lovers!
Screenshot: Gogglebox 2019

Gogglebox: Say hello to Sue and Steve - series 14's latest wine lovers!

A brand new season of Gogglebox is officially here and there three new families who have joined the line-up!

Mother and daughter combo Paige and Sally have been quick to humour fans with their unique TV analysis while it seems like Sue and Steve could be the couple to rival Steph and Dom’s epic wine consumption having left a Merlot-sized whole in the show after leaving in 2016.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sue and Steve along with the rest of the cast for 2019.

Screenshot: Gogglebox 2019

Who are Steve and Sue?

Steve and Sue are from South London

Sue is semi-retired while Steve is a cab driver. They’re both exactly 64 years old.

What have Googlebox fans made of them?

Gogglebox set the tone for the couple’s appearance on the show as Steve whined about fetching his wife a large glass of wine from the kitchen adding “well you wouldn’t have anything else, would you.”

Brilliantly, Sue was quick to make her hubby line-up their glasses to ensure that she could take the larger glass.

However, they’ve still got a long way to go to win over fans on the alcohol front…

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Nonetheless, the duo look like they will add plenty of charm and humour to the show with their playful banter.

Specifically, fans loved Sue as she pretended to be Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt while lounging on the sofa.

Which other new families have joined?

Series 14 has also welcomed new families in Sally (52) and Paige (23) from London and David  (74) and Emma (37) from Liverpool.

Mary and Marina

The beloved duo of Mary and Marina are national treasures.

Mary is 88 years old while Marina is 82 and they both live at the St Monica Trust residents village in Bristol.

They were actually snapped up by a Gogglebox researcher while on their weekly grocery shop in Asda!

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Gogglebox 2019

Dave and Shirley

The beloved duo Dave and Shirley have been around since 2015 and always gain plenty of air time thanks to their hilarious ability to bounce off one other.

Even their names are perfect!

Dave ‘n’ Shirley have been married for over 40 years and have two children, Simon, 42, and Gemma, 34.

Shirley works in retail while chirpy Dave is a cleaner in a factory.

Gogglebox 2019 – Dave and Shirley

The Siddiqui Family

The Siddiqui Family are another iconic Gogglebox family and have been on the show since its inception.

Sid, Umar and Baasit are the analytical trio and all hail from Derby.

Sid moved to the UK when he was 16 and actually has two daughters and three sons, along with a wife. It’s only the boys who are brave enough to appear on Gogglebox 2019!

Gogglebox 2019 – The Siddiqui Family

Ellie and Izzy

Ellie and Izzy are best friends from Leeds, who are usually hidden among pizza boxes and bottles of wine.

Izzy is mum to a four-year-old boy and the pair hook up for filming, living in separate houses in real life.

Gogglebox 2019 – Ellie and Izzy

Giles and Mary

Gile and Mary should technically be referred to as Giles Wood and Mary Killenthey’d definitely prefer it that way!

Having joined in 2015, they are definitely the viewers’ favourite married the couple. Eccentric and hilariously unenergetic, the couple from Wiltshire always refer to each other by their prim and proper first names or the nickname ‘Nutty’.

Mary actually used to be a model, where she met Giles while he was studying at Wimbledon Art School!

Gogglebox 2019 – Giles and Mary

Pete and Sophie

Siblings Pete and Sophie Sandford joined the show in 2017.

Pete is the older bro, 25, while Soph is two years younger.

Gogglebox 2019 – Pete and Sophie

The McCormick Family

Scott, Georgia and Isaac make up the McCormick family and they’ve been around since 2016.

Interestingly, mum Georgia is a hairdressing tutor and husband Scott is an aeronautical engineer having spent over 20 years in the RAF.

Gogglebox 2019 – The McCormicks

The Malone Family

The five-strong Malone family consists of Tom, Julie, Tom junior and Shaun.

Renown for a coffee table of treats and Tom’s stern face, the family have been part of the series since 2014.

Tom junior is perhaps the most interesting of the fab five, a street dance choreographer by trade – he even worked with the Black Eyes Peas.

Gogglebox 2019 – The Malone Family

Jenny and Lee

Jenny Newby and Lee Riley are both from Hull and have been best friends for over 20 years after meeting in a local pub.

No Gogglebox duo has as much chemistry as these two with Jenny having to persuade her pal to join the show after he initially declined the opportunity.

Gogglebox 2019 – Jenny and Lee

Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan and Marcus

The boys from Bristol are football mad with Twaine Plummer a professional footballer for Bradford City and Tristan a semi-pro winger for Hereford FC.

They are all brothers.

Gogglebox 2019

Daniel and Stephen

Brighton couple Daniel Lustig and Stephen will also feature in series 14.

Stephen is best known for appearing alongside former partner Chris Ashby-Steed, who left the programme in 2018.

Screenshot: Gogglebox 2019

Pete and Lynne

Pete and Lynne have been in and out of the show over the years but we’re super happy that they’re around for Gogglebox 2019.

Outside of Gogglebox, the couple have fostered 68 children over the years, with 15-year-old biological son George Gilbey often appearing on the show.

Gogglebox 2019 – Pete and Lynne

The Woerdenweber Family

Instantly recognisable as the gothic and heavy metal family, head of the family is German-born Ralf Woerdenweber with wife Viv and 21-year-old daughter Eve.

The Woerdenweber’s are from Tranmere. Of course, Ralf is in a heavy metal band, fronting as the drum player for Citizen Zen.

Gogglebox 2019 – The Woerdenweber Family

Marcus, Mica, Sachelle and Shuggy

Mica and the gang have been around since series 1, offering a laid back approach to the TV analytics.

You can follow them on Twitter under @Mica_And_The_Gang.

Gogglebox 2019

The Michael Family

The Michael family have been on the series since series 1 although missing out on season 5.

The family is made up of mum and dad Andrew and Carolyne with son Louis. However, either both or one of Louis’s sisters, Alex and Catheryne, have been known to pop in.

They are based in Brighton.

Amira and Iqra

Amira and Iqra are new to the scene having only arrived in 2017’s series 10.

The duo are often joined by the third musketeer Amani. You can follow Amira, a huge K-pop fan, on Instagram under @amira_gogglebox.

Gogglebox 2019 – Amira and Iqra



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