Gogglebox: Shaun Malone head injury explained - gory story from episode 1!

Gogglebox is officially back on our screens in 2020! Series 15 kicked off from Friday, February 21st on Channel 4.

Along with the new series come new faces and old. Thankfully, the regular Gogglebox families that we all know and love are still going strong.

The Malones have been part of the Gogglebox cast since 2014 and they’re still entertaining as-ever today.

Tom Malone Senior was on top form during episode 1 of the new 2020 series. As soon as Netflix show Love Is Blind was introduced, Tom piped up: “Turn this s*** off, Julie.”

So, what happened to Shaun Malone? Gogglebox series 15 episode 1 saw his dad tell a funny yet gross story!

Screenshot: Tom Sr, Shaun Malone, Tom Jr and Julie Gogglebox series 15 episode 1 – Channel 4

Gogglebox 2020: Meet Shaun Malone

Shaun Malone is the youngest son of the Malone family on Gogglebox.

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Tom Sr, Tom Jr, Shaun and mum Julie make up the family who hail from Manchester.

Follow Shaun on Twitter @shaunmalone where he has around 25,000 followers. He’e also on Instagram, however, his account is set to private.

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Tom Malone tells a gruesome story

Episode 1 of the new 2020 series of Gogglebox saw Tom Malone Sr tell a very gruesome story.

The programme featured a news story which explained how a woman underwent brain surgery while playing the violin in order to keep the musical part of her brain safe.

The Malones then expanded on the story and shared memories of when Shaun had surgery on his brain.

A 2016 report from The Sun reveals how Shaun almost died as he had a “rare and deadly” brain disease.

The family were keen to share fond memories of the time, though, with Tom Sr recalling a time when he and Shaun were eating a McFlurry. Shaun complained of a ‘brain freeze’ to a member of staff and took off his hat to reveal his recovering skull.

Tom said: “All his skull was missing, he had a woolly hat on. He took it off. She almost fainted. She nearly went under.”

Shaun was in fits of laughter and said: “It was cruel, but it was so funny. I’m more proud of myself for coming up with that one.”

What happened to Shaun?

According to The Sun report, a sinus infection spread into Shaun’s brain causing the disease.

He endured several operations and his parents were told he had a ten per cent chance of surviving the surgery. In total, Shaun spent six months in hospital.

Speaking to The Sun, his mum, Julie said: “He was in a coma for two weeks and when he came around had to learn to walk all over again.”

Now, Shaun is back to full health and works for Manchester United as a football coach.




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