Goodbye Grace Wardle - Love Island's most IRRELEVANT character in history!

Love Island’s Grace Wardle wasn’t exactly the most memorable character of series four.

In fact, she trundled around like a lost sheep.

Without clicking into a certain friendship group or sparking any romantic relationships, we’re not sure what Gracey did with her time in the Love Island villa.

There was that time she answered Dr Alex George’s probing questions with “erms and urms”, or the various moments where she said absolutely nothing while the girls bickered.

Here’s to Grace Wardle, Love Island’s most irrevlent character in the history of the ITV2 series

Grace Wardle – perfect for Dr Alex? ITV2, Love Island 2018, series 4

Feeding People Grapes in the Hospital

Perhaps Grace Wardle’s greatest, and only gag, came as she opened up about wanting to work in a hospital.

While cutting Jack Fowler’s hair and attempting some last-ditch flirting, Jack asked what Grace would do as a profession if she wasn’t a hairdresser.

Grace then decided to make up a job, saying she’d like to “work in a hospital” by “feeding people grapes” and “doing the odd injection”.


Leaving With a Water Bottle

At least it wasn’t just the general public who were aware that Gracey’s time on Love Island was a complete an utter waste.

In her final departing message to the camera, Grace joked that “at least she got a water bottle”.

Comical genius, and nothing like the gormless silent drone we had seen for the past week.

White Chicks

There has been one celebrity resemblance that fans on social media have been constantly comparing Grace Wardle too.

But it’s not a nice one…


Totally Irrelevant

Grace just didn’t seem capable of hitting it off with anyone in the villa, even being touted as the “boring one” in Dr Alex’s relationship – which is saying something.

Benny Boy hit the nail on the head, here…

Love Island: SR4: Ep29 on ITV2 – Alex George and Grace Wardle – Love Island fashion

That Stethoscope Moment

Watching Grace Wardle during the Love Island striptease was unbearably awkward.

In fact, it was so awkward and robotic that we started to think that perhaps she was the right match for Dr Al.

However, eagle-eyed Love Island fans did spot something that would have had the doctor bowing his head in shame.

Just Why?

Our final message for Grace Wardle is just kind of why?

Why did she make it through the thousands of applicants? How did she make it through?

Just, you know, why!?



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