Gordan Ramsay turns SOFT as restaurant owner opens up about affair!

Gordan Ramsay turns SOFT as restaurant owner opens up about affair!

Hardnut chef and curse word king Gordan Ramsay turned jello-soft during episode two of Gordon Ramsay: 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

The nation’s heartstrings were tugged to the max as the decline of a New Orleans restaurant was traced back to one shocking event.

It was an event that made even ice cold Gordan Ramsay feel a little warm and tender inside.

Somebody say affair?


Gordon Ramsay in New Orleans

Gordon made a dramatic – albeit undercover – entrance to New Orleans bistro, The Old Coffee Pot.

The gaff was rat infested, with cockroach legs left in drinks, and rude staff to top it all off. Behind the restaurant chaos was owner and father of three, Dustin.

Turning the bistro inside out and upside down, Gordan Ramsay had seen enough and decided to grill poor Dustin on how he let it get so out of control.

The ‘f*ck this’ and ‘f*ck’ that’ chef was now in his element!

Gordon Ramsay questions Dustin

An emotional conversation suddenly unfolded, where Dustin explained that he had let the restaurant slide since his divorce.

But, it was how this divorce came about that left our minds as frazzled as the mouse they found in the toaster.

Dustin spills the beans on his divorce

Dustin’s Wife Had an Affair

Dustin, who admitted to having a vasectomy after the birth of his three sons, became suspicious when his ex-wife fell pregnant.

Sadly, this wasn’t the miracle most of you were hoping for but in fact the product of a shocking affair.

Dustin’s 27-year-old ex-wife had been having an affair with their 19-year-old neighbour and soon fell pregnant!

Dustin’s 27-year-old ex-wife ran off with their 19-year-old neighbour

Due to the infidelity, Dustin was awarded custody of his three sons and was raising them as a single father while trying to run his failing restaurant.

Talk about pressure!

Happily Ever After?

We then witnessed a rare occasion of reality TV gold as a shocked Gordon Ramsay sympathised with The Old Coffee Pot owner.

Yes, sympathised! Not shouting at him saying “you’re an idiot sandwich”!

Ramsay – the big softie – gave Dustin 24 hours to transform his restaurant. With the help of Chef Ramsay, Dustin turned his restaurant disaster around and re-opened his doors to a bunch of happy diners.

From a grisly tale (reminding us of Desperate Housewives) it eventually turned into a ‘happily ever after story’ – minus the affair bit, of course.



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