Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine: Why is a chef presenting a show about drugs?

Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine: Why is a chef presenting a show about drugs?

At 10:20 pm on Sunday night (October 26th),  Gordon Ramsay will present a show all about cocaine.

The ITV series, topically named Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine, will investigate the exportation of drugs from South and Central America to the U.K.

It’s a hard-hitting and gritty two-part documentary. So, again.

Why is chef Gordon Ramsay presenting it?

Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine

What is Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine About?

Ramsay explores cocaine on every level, from the local ongoings in everyday U.K street life to the widespread production going on in Central and South America.

On one end of the scale, the 51-year-old joins a policeman in Bournemouth to stop suspicious cars and test drivers for cocaine use.

However, Ramsay also sees himself in the heart of a Colombian rainforest, watching coca farmer using cement powder, petrol and battery acid to cook cocaine.

Why Gordon Ramsay?

Chef Ramsay has deep ties to the drug that you probably weren’t aware of.

He has seen cocaine wreck the lives and careers of fellow colleagues. In particular, one of his young proteges lost his life to an overdose in 2003.

David Dempsey, 31 at the time, fell to his death while at a dealers’ house. Having worked closely with Ramsay to help open Glasgow’s only Michelin star restaurant, Ramsay blamed himself for not noticing that his colleague was in trouble.

Ramsay said:

We had dinner that night he died, he just seemed agitated, restless, constantly disappearing to the toilet. I went back home and he went back to Chelsea. He went to a dealer’s house that gave him some s*** cocaine and it f***ed him over.

David died after falling 40 feet from a block of flats, at the inquest it was described as an ‘excited act of delirium fuelled by cocaine’. I kicked myself for not doing more and recognising it earlier.

Ramsay’s sole aim is to de-glamorise a drug that he believes is spiralling out of control in the U.K.

He concludes: “Nobody wants to talk about it… but they all want to f*cking snort it.”




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