Everything you need to know about The Hangover Games - E4's stomach-turning new show
Presenter Matt Richardson

Everything you need to know about The Hangover Games - E4's stomach-turning new show

In February 2019 E4 is bringing a brand new game show to your screens.

The Hangover Games is probably nothing like anything you’ve seen before but Matt Richardson and Ken Cheng are ready to present this hilarious, yet vomit inducing show.

The show’s title is pretty self-explanatory but here’s everything you need to know about The Hangover Games!

Presenter Matt Richardson and co-host Ken.

When Does The Hangover Games Start?

Episode 1 will air on Tuesday, February 26th 2019.

The show will air at 10 pm on E4 and lasts around 35 minutes.

There will be 10 episodes in total.

What is The Hangover Games?

As the show’s title suggests, The Hangover Games is exactly that.

A load of hungover contestants will take part in challenges in a bid to win a cash prize.

The hungover Brits will be pounced upon and asked to take part in The Hangover Games under the facade that its actually a documentary about British nightlife.

Channel 4 said: “Under the assumption they are taking part in a documentary about British nightlife, a group of mates will be followed by the cameras on a night out. What they won’t find out until the next morning is that they are really taking part in a brand new game show.”

The contestants’ memories are put to the test as they have to try and remember the night before, rely on each other’s stamina, emotional stability and iron stomachs if they want to be crowned winners!

Who Will Be on the Show?

Comedian Matt Richardson is The Hangover Games’ presenter along with co-host comedian Ken Cheng.

In episode 1 five friends from the Cotswolds take part in what they think is a documentary series.

Expect bizarre games such as ‘Banging Headache’; a stomach-churning version of spin the bottle; and a hangover hell game involving a head shave.

Kate Maddigan, Little Gem Executive Producer said: “We’ve met the UK’s biggest party animals filming this show and can’t wait to share the laughs, stunts and sometimes shockingly outrageous moments with the E4 audience.”




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