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harold n spitz

Love on the Spectrum's Steve has a famous magazine publisher dad

Netflix series Love on the Spectrum is back in 2022. On the US version of the show, Dani, James, Abbey, Steve and co are all looking for love. The show follows the singletons as they navigate dating and love on the autism spectrum.

Steve Spitz appears on Love on the Spectrum and he wants to find a partner. San Francisco based Steve goes on different dates on the series, so let’s find out more about him.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love on the Spectrum U.S. | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet Steve Spitz from Love on the Spectrum

Steve Spitz is 63 years old and he was born in Los Angeles. When he was very young, he and his family moved to San Francisco.

During Love on the Spectrum, Steve went on dates with Candida and Connie. He drives a boat on one of his dates and enjoys cracking jokes and playing around with words.

Steve certainly appears to have won over Netflix viewers with many taking to Twitter to share how much they love him. One person wrote: “I wish Steve nothing but the best, he is truly a gift to this world“.

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Steve Spitz’s father is Harold N Spitz

Steve from Love on the Spectrum is the son of Magazine Publisher Harold Spitz.

Steve mentions his father on Love on the Spectrum and shows viewers photos of the two of them together. Speaking of his dad, Steve said that he accepted him for who he was.

He also says in the series: “My father said to me ‘you know, Steve, these women are looking for Master’s degrees’ I often say to myself, even if I’m not one of those successful gentlemen, you know, I have a great heart.

Harold Spitz was the longtime publisher of Guest Informant. The magazine was founded by his father and after WW2, Harold joined the publication. He passed away at the age of 80 in 2005.

SF Gate reported in 2005 that Harold was: “…survived by his children, Suzanne, Steve and Michele Spitz“.

Steve’s sister is a voiceover artist

Many Love on the Spectrum viewers have taken to Twitter to say how much they love Steve and his voice. One person tweeted that they think he’d be great for podcasting.

Another said: “Steve on Love on the Spectrum has my heart. He’s a fellow pun lover plus he has the most charming, friendly, charismatic voice…”.

Great voices may run in Steve’s family as his sister, Michele is a voiceover artist, a public speaker, producer and philanthropist according to her LinkedIn page.

Michele took to Facebook on May 21st to say she’s “not surprised” the public loves Steve so much: “I’m giggling in such joy to see the response to my ever-so-sweet brother Steve upon the series “Love on the Spectrum” premiering on Netflix. I am blessed to have a brother so endearing…

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