Netflix has brought out a series revealing the secrets behind long, happy relationships. Couple Haruhei and Kinuko share their story…

The romantic series, called Six Stories Of True Love, takes us through the decades to explore elderly couples from different parts of the globe.

Each hour-long episode features a long-lasting couple, including Haruhei and Kinuko, who are currently based in Japan.

So, who are Haruhei and Kinuko? Where are they now and what is their love story? Keep reading to find out more about the couple.

Screenshot: Haruhei and Kinuko, My Love: Six Stories Of True Love, Netflix

Who are Haruhei and Kinuko?

Haruhei, from Kawasaki, Japan, first met his wife Kinuko while she was working in a hospital.

He believes she saved his life, as he was forced to be hospitalized as a result of his leprosy since he was a child.

Leprosy includes light-coloured or red skin patches with reduced sensation, and numbness and weakness in hands and feet.

Kinuko motivated him to leave the hospital so they could get married and take care of each other.

Haruhei and Kinuko’s love story

Haruhei expected to live the rest of his life in a facility hospital, but that was before Kinuko came along to help him.

Despite being told by a doctor that he would not live past 15 years old, Kinuko appeared and helped him escape from the institution.

This is because when they were young, anyone who had leprosy reportedly lived in institutions with a reduced quality of life.

They have been together ever since he left the hospital, and lived a long marriage in each other’s company for more than 49 years.

It's taken a hard labour of love for over 2 years and it's finally here…I directed an episode of a new Netflix…

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Where are Haruhei and Kinuko now?

Haruhei, who is now 84 years old, has switched roles with Kinuko, as it has became his turn to be her caretaker.

The filming crew followed Haruhei and Kinuko’s story for ten months, and now the series has been released two years later.

They now advocate for victims of Japan’s discriminatory leprosy policy.

Although it is unlikely that Haruhei and Kinuko have social media, it is thought that they are still going strong as a couple.



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