It is the series which sees contestants brave the well-known obstacle course, for the grand cash prize. Has anyone been seriously injured?

The show has been rebooted on TBS this year, with John Cena, Nicole Byer, and Camille Kostek as hosts, who get to watch on from afar.

Known as the world’s largest obstacle course, it isn’t for the faint-hearted – and with devices trying to knock them off, the game is far from easy.

The physicality of the competition series is no secret, which can lead to accidents. We found out if anyone has been seriously injured on Wipeout.


Wipeout: Has anyone been seriously injured?

  • Yes, there have been several injuries

In 2009 – when the Wipeout series was being aired on ABC – a contestant died after suffering a stroke. He had been injured while performing a stunt.

Tom Sparks, 33, reportedly was rushed to hospital from the set, before doctors found there was brain damage. He died on November 5, 2009.

According to one source, there have been “many terrible injuries and cardiac incidents”, which have taken place during Wipeout.

There is a Reddit thread which discusses injuries which participants have had. One person wrote: “I know a guy who was on, he hit the water so hard that he couldn’t stop throwing up afterwards. They lost in the final.”‘

A contestant wrote:

No big injuries except my pride, but even if you don’t get hit with anything big, you’ll be totally exhausted afterward. It’s all pretty safe, barring a freak accident. But that’s what waivers are for.

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Has anyone died on Wipeout?

  • Yes

Michael Paredes, 38, reportedly died of natural causes while filming took place for the TBS series, in the fall of 2020.

The report by NBS states that he lost consciousness after falling from the show’s obstacle course on November 18, and died a day later.

A coroner’s report showed that Michael died of a heart attack and that he suffered from undetected coronary artery disease.

He had completed two obstacles, but fell on the third one. The contestant then struggled to swim to the side of the pool, and was pulled out.

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Wipeout: Medical requirements

Those taking part in the obstacle course can only do so after undergoing a medical exam to examine their health.

Contestants are also thought to sign waivers in case of any injuries.

There are also on-site emergency personnel near to the course, while filming is taking place. They treated Michael at the time of his fall.



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