Naked and Afraid is one of the most intense survival shows on TV with contestants being left in the wilderness to fend for themselves.

With no food, water, clothes or shelter, unsurprisingly, there have been so many gruesome and nail-biting encounters on the show which begs the question: Has anyone ever died on Naked and Afraid?

Reality Titbit explored the history of the reality show, and what has happened to contestants over the years.

Has anyone ever died on Naked and Afraid?

Thankfully, nobody has ever died on Naked and Afraid, but there have been many close calls and even one faked death!

Manu Toigo was diagnosed with dengue hemorrhagic fever

In the first season of Naked and Afraid, Manu Toigo caught dengue fever.

Whilst filming in Panama, she was unaware that she had even caught dengue fever until she returned home to Los Angeles once the show had ended.

It was then found that during filming she was bitten by a mosquito, and started to suffer from severe headaches and nosebleeds. Luckily, she fully recovered.

Manu said that she had no regrets: ‘Hell no… most epic experience I could ever have done’.

Honora Bowen faked her own death

In Season 3, survivalist Honora Bowen almost died, however, it was later revealed that she faked passing out as an excuse to leave the show.

She had allegedly asked to quit the show due to issues with her bladder, but she has said that the producer convinced her to continue the challenge.

Honora is thought to have pretended to go into a catatonic state so that she would get sent to the hospital. She has explained that her blood pressure was already low and that she felt like she was going to collapse.

Naked and Afraid producer bitten by a poisonous snake

In 2013, before the show had even begun, producer Steve Rankin was scoping out the premises for filming in Costa Rica when he was bitten by a pit viper. He suffered from a rotted foot but was swiftly taken to hospital before the venom could spread.

Samantha Ohl developed hypothermia

In Season 8, Samantha Ohl had a near-death experience because she refused to share body heat with her partner during a thunderous rainstorm. This meant that her body temperature dropped to a critically low level where she later developed stage 2 hypothermia.

Her partner had to therefore call medical professionals, who were extremely worried that her organs could fail. Thankfully, she made a full recovery in the hospital. However, Samantha has said that despite the horrendous circumstances she still wishes that she could have completed the challenge.

It is surprising that a show which is known for its brutal and feral nature has resulted in no deaths, but let’s hope that it stays that way.



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