Has Cheerleader Generation been cancelled? Lifetime's episode 6 is missing!

Has Cheerleader Generation been cancelled? Lifetime's episode 6 is missing!

Cheerleader Generation was unprecedently missing from the usual Lifetime TV schedule on Tuesday night (July 16th) and people want answers.

Like, now.

Fans from the original show, Cheerleader Nation, flocked to Lifetime to catch up with the students at Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School while the series has also attracted new viewers with its swashbuckling mother vs daughter storyline.

With the 2019 team building speed ahead of the Nationals competition, viewers are more engrossed than ever with coach Donna Martin and her girls.

So what has happened to Cheerleader Generation? Has the series been cancelled? Or when will it return?

Cheerleader Generation

What is Cheerleader Generation? How many episodes are there?

The show once again follows coach Donna Martin and the cheerleader girls of Lexington as they pursue glory in the national championship, 13 years after the Cheerleader Nation traced the same steps.

This time, however, the show also features coach Donna’s daughter, Ryan O’Connor, who catapulted from training under her mother to become the head coach at the University of Mississippi.

Now, Ryan must fight for not only the glory of her Ole’ Miss school but against her own mum!

Cheerleader Generation should have eight episodes in the series, with Hit or Ole Miss the last episode of the season. However, the series appeared to grind to a sudden halt as episode 6 failed to air on Lifetime on Tuesday, July 16th.

Has Cheerleader Generation been cancelled?


Ryan O’Connor confirmed on Twitter that Cheerleader Generation has not been cancelled and that it will be moving to a new timeslot and day.

All five episodes are still available to watch on the Lifetime catch up player.

When exactly will Cheerleader Generation return?

Again, on Twitter, Ryan answered the sea of fans’ questions about when exactly the Cheerleader series will return.

The answer is Thursday, September 26th, on Lifetime. It sounds likes Thursday nights will be the home of Cheerleader Generation for the remainder of the series.

What else is on Lifetime?

While you wait for the return on Cheerleader Generation you can tune in to brand new Lifetime series, Marrying Millions.

The show follows six couples who are on the cusp of marriage. However, one of the two is filthy rich while the other is… well, definitely not.

Mixed with ‘regular couples’, probing questions surface around how genuine everyone on the show is, with the term golddigger constantly whispered across the season.

Marrying Millions launches on Wednesday, July 17th, and will continue to air weekly at 10/9c pm.

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