Has Chloe Ferry left Geordie Shore? Episode 8 reveals more to the cheating saga!

If there’s any TV show where getting totally obliterated, smothering kebab all over your face and falling over in the street is completely acceptable it’s Geordie Shore.

The reality show focuses on a group of young people who live and party in Newcastle.

Geordie Shore is still going strong 20 seasons later and the MTV show doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

Series 20 of the show sees James Tindale back on the Toon, Chloe Ferry, Nathan Henry, Abbie Holborn, Sam Gowland, Beau Brennan, Tahlia Chung, Bethan Kershaw and Natalie Phillips among the cast.

She may have appeared in nine of the episodes so far but has Chloe Ferry left Geordie Shore?

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Geordie Shore – series 20 episode 8

Geordie Shore is onto its twentieth series in 2019 and episode 8 of the show aired on Tuesday, December 17th.

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The girls and boys have some time apart in the episode. While Chloe, Bethan and Tahlia went for a pamper day, the lads, Natalie and Abbie went camping and canoeing.

And just as things were looking peachy for everyone, James dropped a bombshell on Sam as the trip came to a close.

During a previous episode, Abbie had told James that Chloe kissed someone while on a break from Sam on holiday in Ibiza.

This information had been kept under wraps by Chloe, Nathan and Abbie – until she told James.

Sam and Chloe’s rocky relationship is something that often plays out on Geordie Shore but all hell broke loose once the family was reunited and Sam confronted Chloe.

Chloe initially denied the kissing rumours but later admitted to snogging someone for a dare on holiday. A massive argument broke out between Chloe and Sam with Sam saying that it was “over” between the pair.

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Has Chloe Ferry left Geordie Shore?

Series 20 episode 8 of Geordie Shore was meant to be a celebratory day as it was Beau Brennan’s birthday.

However, while the rest of the family were chilling on the sofa, Chloe came down the stairs ready to leave the house. She said that she was off to try and fix things with Sam.

Nathan Henry piped up and asked if Chloe meant that she was leaving the house for good. Chloe didn’t give an answer either way but just said, through tears, that she needed to go and see Sam.

It’s currently unknown whether Chloe or both Chloe and Sam return for episode 9 of the show. However, we can imagine that they will return for series 20 as they’re listed as cast members for 2019.

Are Sam and Chloe still together?

Like many reality TV stars, Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry have been on and off like a dodgy light switch.

So, for now, it looks very much like the pair have split. But who knows what might happen in the future.

To confirm their independence from one another, Chloe took to Instagram on December 15th 2019 and shared a photo of Sam and herself together. The picture was captioned: “Who said you couldn’t be friends with your ex.” So, perhaps they have well and truly moved on!

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