Has Digby left Made in Chelsea? Is he still with Olivia Bentley?

Has Digby left Made in Chelsea? Is he still with Olivia Bentley?

Olivia Bentley is the star of the show on Made in Chelsea right now.

The stunning 24-year-old is experienced a career glow up in season 18 after earning a slot in Cosmopolitan magazine to showcase her photography skills and collaborate on a feature about her battle with alopecia over the years.

However, long-standing boyfriend Digby Edgley hasn’t been on the show as much – and it looks like he’s going to be on-screen even less now that he’s jetting off to South Africa for three months.

So, what is going on with Olivia and Digby? And has Digby left SW3 for good?

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Has Digby left Made in Chelsea?


Although Digby isn’t in the current series as much, he has appeared here and there. He appeared in series 18, which aired on Monday, November 11th. This was the last episode in the series.

The Channel 4 synopsis for episode 11 read:

“Maeva’s dad is in town and all set to meet James for the first time. But how will Maeva react when she discovers Miles has been secretly meeting her father too? Tristan and Verity are moving fast, and their friends are quick to tell them to slow down. When faced with whether to be exclusive or not, Tristan has a big decision to make.

After an emotional farewell, is Liv having doubts about a long-distance relationship with Digby?”

So why wasn’t Digby in much of Made in Chelsea series 18?

Although Reality Titbit has reached out for comment, the reasoning behind Digby’s absence from series 18 has not been categorically confirmed.

However, it does make a lot of sense.

Digby and Olivia Bentley’s relationship has been under a lot of strain in recent years, no thanks to the cyclone of drama that spins through SW3.

Plus he’s made plans to jet off to South Africa for work, so we can imagine he’s very much a busy bee!


The lovers have constantly switched between making up and breaking up over the past 24 months and Made in Chelsea certainly hasn’t acted as a foundation for healthy relationships over the years.

Fans have become pretty damn bored of the drama surrounding Liv and Digby’s on-again-off-again relationship.

Rather than their relationship specifically, series 18 has managed to focus on different storylines, picking up on Liv’s career and moving away from her personal life.

Have Digby and Liv split up?

It looks as though Digs and Liv could officially be over.

Liv expressed her concerns during the season 18 finale over how their relationship would fair once Digby made the move to South Africa.

By the looks of Digby Edgley’s Instagram on November 19th 2019, he and Liv Bentley have indeed split.

Digby took to Instagram to share a snap of himself captioned “Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.”

He’s also no longer following Olivia on Instagram, so it looks like things may not have ended amicably between the pair! Ouch!

MIC has also done a very good job at speculating that it could be the last straw for Digby and Liv as their Argentina abroad special reads:

While new romances sizzle in the Latin heat, others don’t look set to make it to Christmas. Expect tempestuous tangos, festive fallouts and holiday hookups as the gang live la vida Latina before returning home to New Year celebrations in Chelsea.




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