Winter Love Island has officially landed in 2020 and there are a whole new array of Islanders ready for a season of fun! Everyone’s favourite ITV dating show is back to spice up the Winter months with episode 1 kicking off on Sunday, January 12th.

Twelve hot singletons touched down in Cape Town, South Africa. Laura Whitmore has helped them pair up and now it’s up to them. The Love Islanders are in competition for a £50,000 prize but first, they’ve got to do their best at coupling up.

In a shock twist, two blonde bombshell twins entered the villa on day two – Eve and Jess Gale. So, let’s take a look at Love Island series 6 contestant Jess Gale, has she had surgery?

Jess Gale surgery

Screenshot: Meet The Islanders | Love Island 2020 YouTube – (L-R) Jess and Eve

Who is Jess Gale?

Jess Gale is one of the 12 contestants tsking part in Love Island series 6. Jess, along with her identical twin, Eve, strutted into the South African villa on day two.

Both girls are 20 years old and hail from London. Jess is a student and also works as a VIP hostess.

When asked what Jess would rate herself as on a scale of one to 10, she said she’d be a seven point five.

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Jess Gale – surgery

One main talking point surrounding the twins when they joined Love Island series 6 was their seriously good physiques.

Jess and Eve clearly take care of themselves which usually leads viewers to start asking questions about surgery.

However, throwback photos of the twins show that they could have been blessed with good bodies naturally, it may not be due to surgery.

Jess before

Since the twins entered the Love Island 2020 villa, Twitter users have gone wild sharing photos which could be the twins.

Although it’s not confirmed, the photo does look very much like Jess and Eve.

Aside from the change in hair colour and perhaps some lip filler, Jess pretty much looks the same.

So, we could assume that some minor cosmetic surgeries have taken place.

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