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Has Jimmy Carr had plastic surgery? Hair transplant to teeth of I Can See Your Voice star

Has Jimmy Carr had plastic surgery? Viewers of I Can See Your Voice think that the comedian’s appearance has changed in 2021.

Jimmy Carr is one of the judges on new BBC show I Can See Your Voice alongside Alison Hammond and Amanda Holden. Paddy McGuiness hosts the gameshow which sees contestants have to decide, based on looks, which of the singers are ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

Over his career, Jimmy has presented and hosted many TV shows including The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Roast Battle and more. Now, he’s a celebrity panellist on I Can See Your Voice!

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Has Jimmy Carr had plastic surgery?

Yes, Jimmy Carr has had some plastic surgery. As far as cosmetic procedures go, he’s had veneers and facial fillers.

Born in 1972, Jimmy is 48 years old. It looks as though he’s turning back the years as he gets older by opting for some minor cosmetic work.

Speaking on The Mid Point with Gabby Logan in 2021, Jimmy said that he’s had botox.

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Did Jimmy have a hair transplant?

In the same podcast episode with Gabby Logan, Jimmy revealed that he has had a hair transplant.

Gabby said that Jimmy’s hair “looked magnificent” in March 2021.

Jimmy said: “My cosmetic journey started about 10 years ago. I got every tooth in my head done in one sitting. It was pretty full-on“.

On the subject of his hair, he said he went to Portsmouth for the procedure: “You shave your head fully, they take the hair from the back of your head. I wasn’t receding, I had the same hairline since I was about 17“.

Has Jimmy Carr had a facelift?

Jimmy Carr looks to have been very transparent when it comes to the surgeries he’s had. He’s not spoken of having a facelift, but botox, veneers and a hair transplant are definitely checked off of his cosmetic surgery list.

In a bid to match up to his TV persona, Jimmy felt the need to “maintain” his appearance in 2021. He said: “What I imagine in my head matches what I see in the mirror“.

Viewers of I Can See Your Voice were outspoken on Twitter during the BBC show’s first episode. One person said: “Has Jimmy had work done ?“. Another asked: “Has Jimmy Carr had a hair transplant??“.

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