Hearts pour out for EMOTIONAL Jenny West on Survival Of The Fittest

Hearts pour out for EMOTIONAL Jenny West on Survival Of The Fittest

Hearts poured out for Jenny West on the latest episode of ITV2 hit Survival Of The Fittest after the 31-year-old admitted into insecurities having failed to find ‘love’ on the reality TV show.

Survival Of The Fittest is packed with models, fitness models and any other types of models as it follows the buffed-up beauties taking on series of physical challenges in skimpy outfits.

Although Jenny stormed into the competition oozing confidence, as the teams of six guys and six girls started to partner up in The Lodge, Jenny has struck a lonely character of late.

Survival Of The Fittest:

Part of personal trainer duo The West Twins (yes she has an identical twin), you may expect Jenny to be proud and pompous of her commanding physique.

However, in a touching reveal to fellow South African savanna lodge-mates Tristan Jones and Mettisse Campbell, Jenny talked of her insecurities over being too “muscular’ and “not as pretty” as the other girls.

She said: “It’s funny how everyone else has found someone but I haven’t.”

With Tristan cuddling his ‘lodge girlfriend’ practically two centimetres from Jenny on the bed, the fitness model continued to open up.

Screen Shot: Consoling Jenny, ITV2 – Survival Of The Fittest

Holding back tears, she said: “Obviously like I’m not pretty enough, I’m too muscley, or I’m not clever enough or whatever.”

Tristan and Mettisse attempted to console their sobbing friend while Twitter broke out in support of the SOTF star.

The conversation turned to James Middleton who has been continuously flirting with Jenny since the show started, despite telling her he had no interest in a relationship when Jenny tried to make her move.

Earlier in the episode and Jenny confronted James about his feelings admitting that she felt there was a spark between the two.

Jenny and James chat and he tells her how he feels.

James played in down, however, albeit in a seriously confusing manner. He said:

“I think you’re attractive, and sexy, and confident . . .

The thing is, I value our friendship that we have at the moment more than anything further than that. There is one thing inside me that is like, I don’t want to go there on a sexual level.”

Twitter completely supported Jenny, equally as confused by James and his misleading behaviour.



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