What is Highlife on Channel 4? Start date, time and cast explored

What is Highlife on Channel 4? Start date, time and cast explored

Channel 4 is bringing a whole load of entertainment to screens in 2021. From Married At First Sight UK to brand new series Highlife, there’s no end of reality TV to delve into this year.

Dubbed a ‘docuality’ series, Highlife combines documentary-style elements with some reality TV and provides an insight into the lives of a very hardworking and glamorous group of friends.

Screenshot: The High Life – channel 4

What is Channel 4’s Highlife?

Taking viewers to London, Channel 4’s Highlife is a documentary based around a group of ambitious, successful British Nigerians and Ghanaians.

Highlife kicks off from Friday, September 10th, 2021.

Episode 1 of the new show airs at 10 pm.

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Screenshot: The High Life – channel 4

Meet the Highlife cast

From fashion designers to makeup artists, makeup producers to entrepreneurs, the Highlife cast are all go-getters in one way or another.

The Highlife cast is made up of Irene, Cuppy, Bernicia, Toni, Kamille, Tomi, Chiefer and Kiddwaya.

As well as the main cast members, many of their friends and family also feature on the Channel 4 show.

Speaking to Wonderland Magazine in 2021, Irene Agbontaen said: “Viewers will see an intimate glimpse into my life. In terms of learnings, the show aims to be super inspiring! You get to see that you don’t have to have it all figured out, and often just being yourself, building with your community and creating your own lane is enough.

Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are the Highlife cast on Instagram?

If there’s one thing that the cast members on Highlife are surely going to have, it’s an Instagram following, after all, they’re all practically celebrities already.

Coming from one of the most entrepreneurial families in the world, Cuppy is an international DJ, producer, artist, businesswoman and philanthropist. Follow her on IG @cuppymusic where she has 7.6m followers already.

Jeweller Chiefer is also on Instagram @chieferdcypha with over 60k followers.

Big Brother Nigeria star Kiddwaya is on Instagram @kiddwaya with 1.5m followers.

Find Irene on IG @irenettyawith 109k followers. She writes in her bio that she’s a “Cultural Consultant“.

With 145k followers on IG, makeup artist Bernicia is on Instagram @berniciaboateng – she’s also followed by 50 Cent’s girlfriend!

Singer-songwriter Kamille is on IG with 320k followers @kamille.

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