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Hip Hop Uncovered: Meet director Rashidi Natara Harper and the cast

Rashidi Natara Harper produced and directed new Hip Hop documentary – Hip Hop Uncovered. So, who is Rashidi, what else has he been involved in? And who are the cast involved in the 2021 series?

Hip Hop Uncovered is said to be the biggest Hip Hop documentary yet. The FX show tells the story of Hip Hop through the eyes of the people that really lived it. Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Ice T all feature on the show. “Surviving and winning” is said to be the heart of the six-part series.

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Who is Rashidi Natara Harper?

Rashidi Natara Harper is a director, producer and writer.

The highly regarded director and producer has worked with brands such as Apple, Virgin Airlines, Adidas and Nike. He’s also worked with celebrities such as LL Cool J, Quincy Jones, Kendrick Lamar and Venus and Serena Williams.

Rashidi has worked on video shorts such as Beats by Dre: Dr.Dre & Anthony Joshua, Making of ‘Sneakerheads’: The Michael Jordan Story That Sparked It All, Apple Music Beats adverts featuring LL Cool J.

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Meet the Hip Hop Uncovered cast

Hip Hop uncovered takes a look at the music from 1979 to today through the eyes of legends.

The cast featured on the show are legends and OG’s of Hip Hop who, as explained in the show’s trailer, survived through many struggles including “the crack era and systemic racism”. The cast includes the following:

  • Big U from LA – Born Eugene Henley, is also a producer on the show.
  • Haitian Jack from Brooklyn, New York – Born Jacques Agnant, Jack worked with Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Deb and her brother, Bimmy Antney, from Queens, New York.
  • Trick Trick from Detroit – His father was a DJ and his mother, a singer.

Deb Antney is known for being Nicki Minaj’s manager and once dubbed Nicki “the hardest-working rapper alive”.

Jimmy Chris, Mike Tyson, Xzibit, Ice T and many more people feature on the series as interviewees.

The FX series sees the cast open up on things that they’ve never shared before. From jailtime to being shot, selling drugs and how they got into Hip Hop, Hip Hop Uncovered takes a look under the hood of the industry. Snoop Dogg says during the series trailer: “The best music is made when there some kind of ‘rags to riches’ story”.

Hip Hop Uncovered: How to watch

Hip Hop Uncovered premiered on FX on February 12th 2021.

The six-part series can be watched via streaming service Hulu in the USA. The service costs $5.99 monthly, although as a new subscriber Hulu offers the first month for free.

While Hip Hop Uncovered doesn’t seem to be available for viewing in the UK just yet, documentaries of the same genre include The Defiant Ones and Hip Hop Evolution.

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