Christmas doesn’t really start until you watch Home Alone.

The Macaulay Culkin classic is airing on Freeview TV over the 2018 festive period although not everyone can be contained to one single sitting of Home Alone.

For all the little Kevin lovers, here’s how you can watch Home Alone online.

Watch Home Alone on TV

Home Alone (1990) will be on TV on Sunday, December 9th.

It will air at 17:35 pm on Channel 4.

That means you can watch the live broadcast on TV or online via the official Channel 4 live TV player at

Home Alone will also air on Boxing Day at 14:45 pm on Film 4.

Forget Netflix, Sky and Now TV

Unfortunately, Home Alone (1990) is not on any of the usual streaming platforms.

It’s not on Netflix, Now TV or Sky Cinema.

The Sky Cinema Collection does have Home Alone 2, however.

Watch Home Alone Online – Free

Home Alone is not on YouTube either, despite the 100’s of videos claiming that it is – they’re all fake links!

However, we hunted every corner of the world wide web to give you these free streaming options.


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